God Of War A Path To Jotunheim Walkthrough

In previous Chapter 12 Escape from Helheim Kratos and his was pulled into the Realm of Dead, and they used an old ship to escape to the Secret Chamber of Odin. Mimir's shows up a path to unlock the Realm of Giant after reading a broken piece of the shrine. In Chapter 13 A Path To Jotunheim you have to find Try's mysterious door and locate the object inside a temple.

Path To Jotunheim Walkthrough

A Path To Jotunheim Walkthrough

Realm Travel back to Midgard

There is another door where Mimir check the broken piece of the shrine, go through that, and on the left, there is a lift. Go down and return to Midgard. Go and talk to Brok. Both the dwarf brothers prepare the key.

Locate Tyr's mysterious door

Path To Jotunheim Walkthrough

After having the key return to the bridge, the door is on the first right. Take first left and then go further down. Cross the dock and keep walking towards the curve, the door will come on the left. Open it and explore the hidden chamber. Hit the crystal for the light bridge and you will be in Realm travel room. Follow the compass, and take the door on your right. There will be a passage on your right a huge door, that will lead you to The Hall of Tyr. Go near the huge statue, and lift up the rune platform.

Break the chains

Path To Jotunheim Walkthrough

There are two statues on the left and right with two signs on them. Return to the sand-bowl area, which will rotate and a lever will come up. Rotate that to go down. Take the first door on the left there will be a few death traps. You have to freeze the wheel in a way that they go behind one another so that you can pass from the right or left corner. Trap the wind energy from the door on the left of a death trap. Use it on the first wheel, and pull it once it goes down. You can store the energy on right ball, and then head to the second done. Pull out the energy from the second wheel and place it on the third one. The second will keep moving left and right. Once the last one moves and locks in right, wait for the second to move and then run towards the room with chain. Break it and a fire throwing column will appear with some enemies.

Path To Jotunheim Walkthrough

Exit from the room on the extreme right with death traps, once again you will have to face a column that spits fire in four corners along with some enemies.  Exit the room and there is another room with lots of rotating wheels, in a circular direction. That will return you to the lift area, the second chain is in the room on the other side. Now there will be a different type of death trap, a falling floor of spikes. You have to freeze the first one and run straight to the next room. Next, pick the red crystal and throw it below the spikes, which is break the floor and the platform can go down. You can walk above it, but you have to be bit fast. You will reach the second chain. Break it.

Go back up and flip the temple

Path To Jotunheim Walkthrough

Once again you have to deal with few enemies and fire column. You will constantly face this while going up towards the temple. You have to return to the lift area and go up. Head towards the temple and lift it.

Return to Tyr's travel room

After moving the temple, climb from the left side and go on the top. You have to find and take Tyr's mysterious object. Go towards the light, and it will reveal a Unity stone.

This completes Chapter 13 A Path To Jotunheim, you can read our walkthrough of Chapter 14 Between The Realms. For more updates and tips on the game, you can refer our God of War Wiki guide.

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