High Plane Blues | Destiny 2 Forsaken Walkthrough Mission 2

High Plane Blues Walkthrough

After talking to the guardians in the previous mission Last Call, you will be heading to a new region to fight against Uldren Sov who killed Cayde. The guardians said they cannot interfere as they are more needed in the city. So you will be taking the responsibility alone.

High Plane Blues Walkthrough

High Plane Blues Walkthrough

Once you are on the Tangled Shore you will have to fight with few enemies and then you will hear Petra's voice who will take you to the leader The Spider. This chapter is all about gaining trust of the Leader to get tip on Cayde's killer.

Find Cayde's Killers

Tangled Shore is a lawless lands ruled by outlaws, scavengers and pirates. After landing as usual you will begin on foot. After a short while you will see the first objective where you will have to take down Cayde's Killers. You will have to search the area to get a clue so that you can begin your journey. Walk towards the Ancient Awoken Watchtower. There is a terminal.

High Plane Blues Walkthrough

It is located in the direction towards the tower, below a huge rock. Scan it and you will get the marker to follow, it will also open up a cave path. Walk through the newly open way and you will reach Four-Horn Gulch. Once again hack the terminal inside and you will face a wave of enemy outside. Fight them off and you will reach a battlefield where you will spot the first Scorn - The Fanatic. He is the leader and he will not engage into a fight now, you have to defeat the smaller one around to clear the battlefield. Next scan the Corrupted Servitor and defeat the scorn in the area till you hear Petra's voice.

Rendezvous with Petra

Follow the marker that will take inside a bunker. Clear up the entrance first and then go inside where you will be face a lot of enemies. Keep following the marker till you spot a open area infested with scorns all around. Your objective is to clear 4 of these areas to progress. The fight will take time because you will be surrounded from all corners and there are four big areas to clear up. Just follow the white arrows on the mini-map.  Once you are done enter the Spider' Lair and you will meet Petra. She will take you to the Spider. The leader will ask you to do clear up the Scorn who took the Shore from him and then he will aid the guardian in a fight against Uldren Sov. Here you have to complete 5 bounties for him and then you will meet him again after which he will agree to help you against Uldren.

After the cutscene you will unlock Tangled Shore Landing Zone.  Talk to the Spider and Petra once again for some items. Accept whatever he offers and you will see the menu where you will see Wanted Bounties, Tangled Shore Bounties and Material Exchange. You can pick up the events from here and play them. Talk to Petra next and she will give you a Bow.

Play any the bounties in the open world event to earn Spider's trust and then he will give you a tip once you talk to him that will trigger the next main mission - Scorned.

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