Destiny 2 Forsaken Walkthrough - Defeat The Rider, Hangman And Mad Bomber

Baron Hunt Walkthrough

Once you help clear the Mission Scorned,  Spider will tip you off all the locations of 8 Barons on the map. You will be now on Baron Hunt under the Adventure Mode and take them down to progress ahead. In this Destiny 2 Forsaken Walkthrough, you will find a walkthrough on defeating three of the eight barons, they are The Rider, The Hangman, and The Mad Bomber.

Baron Hunt Walkthrough

Baron Hunt Walkthrough - Tips To Kill The Rider, The Hangman & The Mad Bomber

Once you unlock the Adventure Mode, you will see locations of all 8 Barons on the map. Below are three and others you can check in the next guide.

Target: The Rider

The Rider is located on Thieve's Landing on the The Tangled Shore. Recommended power to take downt his hutn is +390. You you will earn a encrypted engram after killing him.  You will be hading to the garage and stealing her hike, once done you will have to calibrate the boosters and Fire Pike weapons on it. Use the weapon to take down the drones for a practice. Once you complete thse two short objectives,  ride the bike to hunt the Rider. Follow the marker on the mini-map that will straightway lead you to the Rider. 
Once you reach the spot you will have to take down Riders gang, defeat 3 of her minions. and follow the marker once again to finally meet her. This will be a direct fight with the Rider, you can ignore other small enemies, just head to the tunnel. and you will spot her. You have to target the smaller enemies first, stay on the bike and keep following her. The area will be filled with a yellow liquid so you cannot walk around. The ride will also shoot back you with a blue beam, you can dodge left and right. Small enemies are the most annoying part who will block your path.

You will find Rider over a yellow liquid on a bike, here she will circle around if you want you can use your bike and follow her or stay on the ground and attack from there. She will try to crash into leaving a trail of fire. That is the time you can cause the highest amount of damage. Once she tries to escape get back on your bike and follow, you cannot use your weapons and super ability if you're on foot. If you want you to have to wait for her to come towards you and then you can charge at her. She will stay airborne all the time, find a ground around here and use your strongest weapon to kill her.

Target: The Hangman

You will need +420 recommended power to deal with the Hangman. Follow the marker and you will reach a Servitor, that will give you a lead of the boss. Follow the marker and you will reach a sot where you have to rescue two Spider's Servitor. Kill all the enemies around and free them. Once done you will have to fight with Hangman's Second. You will have to go to the second location to rescue 5  more Servitors. There will be some tough  enemies this time.

Once done your next objective is to Hunt the Hangman, the path you follow will be filled with lots of enemies around. You have to take them down to progress ahead. However, there won't be the tougher ones. The process is same as above, you have to kill them to reach the Hangman. You will spot him in a place with a lot of cages around. As you start shooting the Hangman he will approach you with a weapon in his hand which has a fireball in the end. If he attacks you with it, there will be trails of fire around. So you have watch out for that also. his next attack is throwing a shockwave of fire towards you, as you spot the Hangman rotating his weapon, dodge away. Don't stay in his range, there are a lot of thing around you can use as a cover.

One of the best ways is to fly up over his head and dodge his attacks, he can also pass through your shield. The boss is slow but powerful. the best way is to take him down is run in a circle there are some pillars around you can use them for cover. This will be a time-consuming fight, you have to keep running in a circle to escape his attacks. He will disappear in between the fight and summon smaller enemies around you. After taking them down he will appear back. You will have to wait to use your Super ability, let him attack once and then use it to cause high damage.

Once again you will be facing a wave of smaller enemies around you, and then comes the main boss. You can kill him faster on his last chunk of health is left, it will fall slowly at the start. Release the Servitors and the objective is over.

Target: The Mad Bomber

Once you pick this one you will hear The Mad Bomber's voice who will ask you to find a Gift. Follow the marker and you will reach a place filled with a lot of enemies. Defend yourself for a while, until you see A sign in the battle arena. This will disable the splinter mine, next secure the bomb by protecting it from an incoming attack. To hunt the Mad Bomber follow the Cabal ship. You will once again reach an open arena where you have to defeat the War Chieftains.

You will fight them and all other enemies in an open area. There will be plenty of space to dodge from the attacks, but also you will be surrounded and all three are located on different laces. You will be going there one by one and fighting them off. The fastest way is to use a weaponized vehicle in the arena. You will find ample of them. With two to three shots and the Chieftain is down.

Once you are done defeating all three of them move forward to defuse the mine. You will have to locate Mad Bomber's explosive before it detonates. You will see three markers A, B, and C. Go to each of them and use a vehicle don't go on foot. There will be the lot of enemies around the marker your objective is to stay in the white circle to defuse them, as well defend yourself from incoming attack.

After defusing the last one stay where you are and look for blue orbs. You will spot the Mad bomber will go below the ground. Go down and use the teleportation device to reach him. After you cross the caves you will reach a bigger one with Mad bomber in the center. Shoot him multiple time and he will disappear, secure the bomb and then Mad Bomber will appear once again. Shoot him from distance you will get enough time he will keep on teleporting around and summoning new enemies.

The second bomb with spawn with B mark, secure it and then go for the final C. Similar to the previous objective you will have to stay inside the white circle to secure it. One last time the Mad Bomber will appear and you will have a direct one-on-one match. This time he will die quickly. Once done you will have to defuse the Bomb in a time limit, look for a cave on the end left of the area, you can scan to get the marker. Follow it, and ignore all the enemies in your path, you will reach a  huge cave with A bomb in it. Stay there and defend yourself, once you complete the objective the adventure is completed.

You can read walkthrough on defeating the next three barons in our second guide. Till the time you can go through our Destiny 2 Wiki guide for more updates and tips on the game.

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