Spider-Man The Heist DLC Suits Guide | How To Unlock 3 New Suits

Spider-man The Heist DLC Suits

The Heist is the first part of The City That Never Sleeps DLC pack for Marvel's Spider-Man PS4. The Heist DLC is now available for download. The interesting is that apart from taking forward the storyline, The Heist DLC adds three new suits and you have to unlock it before using them. In this Spider-man guide, we have listed all three new suits that The Heist DLC adds along with the information on how to unlock them.

Spider-man The Heist DLC Suits

How To Unlock The Heist DLC Suits

The three new suits that The Heist DLC adds are the Spider-UK Suit, Resilient Suit, and Scarlet Spider II Suit. You can check out the screenshot of the suits above (sequence of suits: Spider-UK, Resilient, and Scarlet Spider II).

How To Unlock The Resilient Suit

To unlock the Resilient Suit in The Heist you just have to complete the first mission of the DLC. The first mission name is The Maria.

How To Unlock The Spider-UK Suit

To unlock the Spider-UK suit you will have to complete The Heist DLC.

How To Unlock Scarlet Spider II Suit

To unlock Scarlet Spider II suit you have to complete all the district activities in The Heist DLC.

The best part is that there are no specific level requirements to unlock these suits, your character can be at any level.

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