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A Strange Kindness Walkthrough

Arthur and Micah robbed a coach that is heading to the bank in the previous mission: An American Pastoral Scene. After this you will have to return to the camp to talk to Dutch for a  mission - A Strange Kindness. Dutch will tell you to locate a new campsite, in between you will find a way to help a family.

A Strange Kindness Walkthrough

A Strange Kindness Walkthrough

To earn Gold Medal in this part of the game you will have to save the captive within 1 minute and 40 seconds. You will have to get 5 headshots and complete the game with 80% Accuracy. Not taking health items is also an important requirement for the medal.

Ride To Dewberry Creek | A Strange Kindness

There is a possibility that this mission might take some time to appear, you can go with side-objectives. To start it visit Dutch at the camp, he is talking to Hosea in his tent. Just talk to him and he will tell you about a new location Dewberry Creek. He will tell you to investigate the new camp location with Charles. While talking to Charles you talk about the Pinkertons who are behind the gang because of Cornwall. Look in the mini-map and you will spot a body on the ground.

Investigate The Body & Camp | A Strange Kindness


Go near the body and next you will get a location of camp. Follow the yellow mark and you will see a few tents. You will have to search and explore this camp. You can find some canned vegetables on the tables and wooden barrel. There will be a wagon in the end, first stop tracking and then interact with the wooden plank where you will find a women and two kids.

Find The Captive | A Strange Kindness

Follow the tracks and then follow Charles. After a pretty long ride you will reach a camp. There will be no one around, get down and investigate this place. You will find a man tied on the ground, and as you try to help him there will be gun shots. This actually a trap the gang is hiding behind the trees. Take cover behind the barrels and shoot them. Take down all the men, use Dead Eye gets 5 headshot for the Gold Medal.

Return The Settler To His Family | A Strange Kindness

Use Dead Eye for the headshots, after killing all of them free the man and return him to his family. You will have to take him to his family. Arthur will agree with Charles the spot where they found the settler is a better place for the camp. You can follow Charles who will take you through a faster route.


The man will be happy after getting reunited with his family and as a present he will give Arthur an ingot of gold that values around $300. You can sell it offer in Rhodes, look for fence in the north part. The mission is over here. In the end cutscene you will see Dutch arrives with everyone. This is the new camp know. With this Chapter 2 Horeshoe Overlook is over. The next one is Chapter 3 Clements Point. You can read our walkthrough on the first mission of third chapter - Further Questions of Female Suffrag. To start this you will have to interrupt Sadie and Mr. Pearson fighting.

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