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Urban Pleasures Walkthrough

In the last mission American Fathers, Arthur took a task for Native Americans to steal some crucial documents form an oil company. The next mission is Urban Pleasures. To start Urban Pleasures mission, find Dutch and Lenny across the trolley station. Dutch has a plan to rob the Trolley Station, he got a tip that this place is filled with loads of cash. According to Dutch’s plan, they will rob the place which will give the gang enough money to leave this region and start a new life.

Urban Pleasures Walkthrough

Urban Pleasures Walkthrough

To earn Gold Medal you will have to rob all the customers in the trolley station and kill 10 lawmen. Also, prevent any of them to jump on the backside of a wagon and shoot the dynamite Lenny throws. Avoid taking any health items.

Rob The Trolley Station | Urban Pleasures


The mission will begin once you find Dutch and Lenny. Dutch will tell you about the reason for the robbery. He will talk about a boat that will take the gang out of the country. All three will equip their mask and break in for the robbery. For gold medal you have to rob and each and every customer in the trolley station. Don’t kill anyone.


After you are done robbing the customers, walk towards the cashier, he is trying to unlock the door. Go inside and threaten the cashier to open the safe. If you accidentally killed the cashier you will lose. Just aim your gun on him and he will unlock the safe. Loot it, the gang will be unhappy with low cash found, in the meanwhile an arm of cops will surround the Trolley Station.

Fight The Cops | Urban Pleasures

In the cutscene you will see all three jumps into the Trolley, you will be shooting down the cops while hanging on the backside. Just keep shooting the cops in your vicinity, this will be continuing for a while. Press X to swap the sides, you can see the red spots in the mini map and so you can change your position. For the Gold Medal, you have to kill 10 Lawmen.


The Trolley will crash and all three will be out safe. The Lawmen had not left the thugs, they will appear back and attack you. Take cover around the objects and take down the remaining ones. Keep following Dutch’s order, he will tell you to keep shooting the cops.

Follow Lenny | Urban Pleasures


After sometime Lenny will call for the gang to follow him, run behind him. After crossing a short alleyway shoot the cops in the balcony in front of you. One will be on the right on the stairs. You will exit to a road the left entrance is blocked by a wagon. Shoot the cop and then help your friend to kill the remaining on opposite side of the road. The new street you are on will have a lot of cops, the red mark on the mini-map will guide you. Activate the dead eye to clear the way for your friends.


Follow Dutch and Lenny, they will stop at a street corner where on the balcony you will spot a few more cops. Kill them and then take down the one on the horse straight in front of you. Continuing with the gunfight, use the building corners for cover. You will have to reach the wagon parked on the road that will be providing you a faster exit.

Escape The Lawmen | Urban Pleasures


Lenny will drive the wagon, Dutch and Arthur will have to kill the chasing cops. Turn around and shoot the cops on horses. The mini-map will provide you the direction from where they are approaching to kill you. Use Dead Eye on those chops that are blocking your way with a parked wagon. Soon Lenny will drive through a bridge and spot the cops had blocked the road far ahead. Lenny will throw dynamite and you have to shoot it, the best way is to use Dead Eye for an accurate shot.

After clearing the cops blocking the road, there won’t be any following you and the mission end with a cutscene. Arthur seems to be unhappy with the heist in the Dutch will talk about one heist that will endow the gang enough money to start a new life. The mission is over here.

You can read our walkthrough on the next main mission Country Pursuits, to begin this mission find and talk to Dutch at the camp. For similar guides, tips and updates on the game do have look on our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki guide.

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