Red Dead Redemption 2 Interactive Map And Android App

Red Dead Redemption 2 Interactive Map

Many of you have been waiting for a Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) Interactive Map for a very long time, and we finally have some great news related to it. Your wait is over now as we have come across an amazing Red Dead Redemption 2 Interactive Map that will be of great help to you to achieve 100% in the game.

A lot of RDR2 players are finding it difficult to complete every mission in the game because they are unaware of the exact number of the mission and how to trigger them. Also, they are unable to collect all collectibles in the game because they don't know where to look for them in the game. The solution to these problems have been discovered, check out this RDR2 Interactive Map (in the form of a website).

Red Dead Redemption 2 Interactive Map

RDR 2 Interactive Map

You guys can check out the website from the link provided below. It is still in work-in-progress mode, and currently, you can toggle it to see the following things

  1. Collectibles - Locations of Dinosaur Bones, Cigarette Cards, and more.
  2. Pickups - Locations of Weapons, Loot, and other such things.
  3. Amenities - Locations of Barber Shop, General Stores, and other such things.
  4. Mini-games - where to play mini-games like Poker, and others.
  5. Easter Egg - Locations of all easter egg.

You can Register/Login to the website and help this map grow. Once you register and login to the website, it will mark new locations found, and you will be able to track your collectibles. The PRO version of the website is also available, it has some exclusive features like ad-free, share custom locations with your friends, track unlimited progress, and many other things.

On top of all these, there is an APP (Android) available as well, it's called "MapGenie: RDR2" and offers the following list of features:

  • Over 800 locations - treasure, collectibles, easter eggs, rare weapons, animals & more!
  • 50 different categories including Legendary Animals, Cigarette Cards and Strangers
  • Quick search - just type the name of a location to quickly find what you're looking for.

And the following list of features is currently in development:

  • Sync progress with the website
  • Progress Tracker - mark locations as found and track the progress of your collectibles. 
  • Take Notes - mark places of interest by adding notes to the map.

You guys can check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki Page for all story missions walkthrough, tips and tricks, how to guides, and many other things.

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