How To Find & Equip Arthur’s Lost Hat In Red Dead Redemption 2

How To Find Lost Hat

Arthur can lose it hat very often in Red Dead Redemption 2. This can be during a robbery or during a fight. The Hat is a style symbol and you might feel weird riding around with it. This guide on Lost Hat location in Red Dead Redemption 2 offers you simple tips on How To Instantly find Arthur’s lost hat.

How To Find Lost Hat

Where To Find Arthur’s Lost Hat

If you lost the hat while playing Red Dead Redemption 2, you can easily find it in the same vicinity. Remember not to leave the place without collecting it.

How To Find The Lost Hat Easily

The hat symbolize important fashion and manner in the Old America, almost every gang member of Dutch’s gang including Dutch himself proudly wear a hat wherever he goes, whether it’s a meeting or a robbery. There will be a time when Arthur might lose hat in a fight or by a gun shot. All you have to do is walk towards the hat and to collect it back hold and square if you are playing on PS4 and X on Xbox One. To wear it back, press R1 to launch the Weapon Wheel, the second category in it is Item Wheel. You will see the key prompts like L2+R2 to wear it back. Isn’t it simple, so next time while in a gun fight if you spot Arthur drops his hat, don’t forget to collect it back.

Other than what Arthur is wearing there is a range of Hat’s clothing in the game. There are many hats you can buy from General stores, you can rob from others and also you can get some legendary ones from mysterious Trapper Merchant. We had a dedicated on Trapper Merchant Location, click the link for more information.
If you are more interested to know about different hats then refer to the short list below. These are ones you can get in Red Dead Redemptions 2.

  • Trilby Hat - $10.75
  • Panama Hat - $ 12.50
  • Stalker Hat - $ 14.50
  • Military Scout Hot - $ 11.00
  • Plantation Hat - $ 12.25
  • Big Valley Hat - $ 18.25
  • Worn Flat Cap - $ 5.50
  • Western Hat - $ 8.00
  • Worn Cavalry Hat - $ 9.00
  • Bulldogger Hat - $ 9.50
  • Paragon Town Hat - $ 10.75
  • High Crown Bowler Hat - $ 20.50
  • Big City Hat - $ 15.25
  • Cavalier Hat - $ 17.50
  • Rolled Derby Hat - $ 21.00
  • Estate Boss Hat - $ 18.00
  • Derby Hat - $ 21.50
  • Crusher Hat - $ 19.00
  • Worn Gambler`s Hat - $ 13.00
  • Arthur`s Gambler`s Hot 
  • Beaver  Big Valley Hat
  • Good Big Valley Hat

Other than the regular hats there are also special ones, like Tricorn Hat, Mining Hat, Viking Helmet, Civil War Hardee Hat and Nevada Hat. They are located on different locations.

Don’t forget to read our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki guide, which is a massive index of lots of guides and tips on the game.

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