Super Smash Bros Transport Spirit Location Guide - Map Screenshot

Transport Spirit Location Guide

Easily find Transport & Important Spirits location with the help of Map Image/Screenshot in this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate All Transport Spirit Guide . The game has some unique spirits used only to unlock paths and for transport. In this guide you will find Locations of Transport Spirits like Kappn’n, Lapras, Pico, Slippy Toad & Alfonzo & Engineer. Along with them you can also use the Map Images to locate other spirits that help you to unlock paths by destroying rocks, ice or opening terminal. The Spirits required for unlocking path are Bomberman, Hal Emmerich, Cyrus & Reese Location and Ice Climbers.

Transport Spirit Location Guide

All Transport Spirit Location’s With Map Image

Map Location Screenshot of very important Transport and Unique spirits you will need to unlock various regions in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Bomberman Location


Bomberman Spirit is located town area in the center of the map on the east side of forest covered with purple cloud. You will find two spirits the left marked as black ghost in the above image is Bomberman. To unlock you have to fight with the guarding Spirit, it will take place on the top of a tower surrounded by lot of buildings. Watchout for the bomb attacks that cause massive explosion if you are able to use one against the opponent you will instantly win the match. Unlock the spirit will help you to Destroy Boulders. There is another Spirit Poppy Bros Jr. that also offer you bombs to destroy obstacles. Read our Guide to find Poppy - Where To Find Bomb Spirit.

Hal Emmerich Location


Towards the north where you found the above Spirit, look for a tower you will find the Spirit on the small road. We have a dedicated guide on - Find Hal Emmerich In Super Smash Bros Ultimate that can help you to locate the spirit and learn what it is necessary in the game to unlock Terminals.

Cyrus & Reese Location


Cyrus & Reese and required to fix bridges the spirit is located in the forest in the north-west region of the map. A forest covered in purple cloud. You will be fighting on a floating platform in some old-town type scenario.

Kappn’n Location


Unlock Kappn’n will allow you to cross the lake in the southern part of the map. Kappn’n is located  near the valley line in the North-Eastern part of the map. There is a water stream, in that region you will spot a small house with a tiny pond in front. The spirit is just outside, unlock Kappn’n will allow you to use the tiny boats in the lake region on the south side. Using the boat you can reach a small island on the north of lake with a plane on it. This will give you access to World Tour region.

Lapras Location


Lapras is located in the extreme bottom right of the map below the maze. There is a small bridge,  where you will encounter the Spirit. Lapras is necessary transportation spirit that will help you to cross the sea and visit the tiny island in the end of bottom right of map. The island has a travel point to Forest Hill and shortcut tunnel that will take you direct to Base.

Pico Location


Unlocking Pico will allow you to ride The Wild Goose. It is a cart that is blocking your path to access the racing region of map located on the left of maze. You can race through the track to find new Spirits and fighter.  During the beginning of the game the same vehicle will help you to take the Villager Path. To find Pico you have to take the road on south from the house where you found Kappn. There is a small bridge you can walk to on to reach an upper level the spirit is on that path.

Slippy Toad Location


Slippy Toad is hiding in the Power Plant. Go to the forest that is covered by purple cloud on the west side of the map. There is a dungeon in the forest, just go near and interact to access the Power Plant. It is a puzzle, there are many spirits inside and you have to activate the bridges by turning on the small stations around. You will see glowing orbs around, just keep making your way towards and you will find Slippy Toad inside. Use the spirit to activate the bus and the space ship to travel in the galaxies.

Ice Climbers Location


Ice Climbers Spirit will clear the obstacle of path blocked by ice. The spirit is located in the north region of the forest that is covered with purple clouds. There is a path in between the mountains covered with ice, but your fighter can glide on it to reach the spirit. Defeat it to clear the ice blockage from the roads.

Alfonzo & Engineer Link Location


You will need to acquire Aflonzo & Engineer Link to unlock the Train transports. You will find the spirit on the bottom right end of the map, on two isolated islands. You can use Lapras for transportation from the beach. There are three spirits on the island, the first one if you are coming from the north is Alfonzo & Engineer Link. The fight will be on a moving train, defeat the main spirits.

The map gets bigger in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after every progress and you will need help of these very important Spirit to move fast in various locations and to unlock the blocked roads. Hope the above info will save your time.

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