The 10 Best GTA V Mods

GTA V Car Jet Pack Mod

It's probably safe to say that GTA V is the most excellent game that has ever been created. Not only is it the most successful game ever, but it's also one of the best looking and immersive game available in the market, as well as having an online mode that makes Rockstar millions per day. Let's face it, GTA V is still an unstoppable juggernaut of a product even now, some six years later.

But even the best game in the world can only have so much you can do before you've managed to platinum everything and see all the sights it has on offer. If you don't feel like jumping online and getting schooled by a 14-year-old, whose parents really shouldn't have bought them the game in the first place, then what's out there for you?

10 Best GTA V Mods

Well, you could do a lot worse than check out these mods.

Natural Vision

Natural Vision Photo Realistic Mod

As mentioned in the intro to this piece, GTA V is one of the best looking games on the market today. It's breathtaking at times as Rockstar manages to bring a whole world to life with epically rendered environments that find you stopping every once in a while to take it in. But for some people that isn't enough and if that's you, then you need to download NaturalVision's PhotoRealistic mod. NaturalVision have taken what Rockstar produced and build on it to make it as real world as possible. The results, as you can see from the picture, are mind-blowing.

No Water+Tsunami

No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis Mod

Have you ever found yourself playing GTA V and thinking to yourself "Well sure, all the murder and mayhem is great an' all but what I could go for right now is a natural disaster." Well if you have, then you should probably seek professional help, or as a cheaper alternative, you could download the No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis Mod. With this installed you can trigger either a drought or a Tsunami or even turn Los Santos into the legendary Lost City of Atlantis. Just don't expect Aquaman to show up and save you when you start to drown.


LSPD First Response Mod

Though it's fun to be a villain, creating havoc and destruction everywhere you go, it's always been a bit of a bugbear within the GTA community that you can't play as a lawman. That is, until now. The LSPD First Response Mod allows you to step into the shoes of the most overworked police force on the face of the planet, and you can do everything that they can. High-speed chases, gunfights with armed criminals, it's all in a days work for Los Santos Finest, and if you still can't help your evil ways, there's nothing to stop you being a bad cop.

Prison Mod

Prison Mod

So there you are on the run, the cops hot on your tail, and your tires shot out. You try to make a bend and roll your car, and before you can get out and run, you're surrounded. Now instead of just getting a slap on the wrist before being sent on your merry way what if you fancied spending some time in the pokey. Download this mod and you can. The Prison Mod lets you either bail yourself out, serve your time or perform a jailbreak, and it's the latter here that everyone should want to try at least once.

Open Interiors

Open All Interiors

Even though Rockstar has very nearly created the perfect game in GTA V, there are a couple of issues that crop up now and again that are mildly annoying. Such as not only being able to enter specific buildings. This is by no means a game breaker, but it can drag you out of the moment when you run up to a door and bounce off it. Thank God for the Open All Interiors Mod then. Install this, and you can go into any building in Los Santos, and even though there isn't a lot to do inside most, it's an excellent addition to the game and helps to keep you at the moment.

Hulk Mod

Hulk Mod

Everyone loves comic books these days. Whether it's a Marvel or DC, people can't get enough of their favorite Superheroes (or villains), and this mod allows you to play as the giant green one, Bruce Banner's alter-ego, the one, and only Hulk. Tear through Los Santos in just a pair of ripped trousers as you smash everything that gets in your way. It's silly, and it's glorious all in one as you pick cars up and toss them around just because you can. Just don't try to take on that train. That thing isn't stopping for anyone.

Iron Man

Iron Man Mod

What's that you say? Are you bored of being the Hulk already? Well, there's just no pleasing some people now is there. But if you still feel like you need your superhero fix while running wild in the streets of Los Santos, you can always become Iron Man. Wearing Tony Stark's famous suit of armor you can fly around the map blowing up anything that takes your fancy and when you get bored of doing that you can always pop over to Los Santos International Airport and pretend you're acting out that scene from Civil War. Giant Ant-Man not included.

Super Mario Plumbers

Super Mario Plumbers Mod

It's safe to say there are times that you find yourself playing GTA 5 and wonder to yourself, "What would Mario do?" and if you install this mod, you can answer that question yourself. Take the whole gang, Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi to a strip club or maybe have them bust up a drug deal. You can do everything with these perfectly imagined characters that you can with Franklin, Michael, and Trevor but with the bonus of having those familiar Mario World sound effects accompany you every step of the way.


Psychokinetic Mod

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, but with the Psychokinetic Mod, you'll never have to worry about that ever again. Unleash your inner Professor X and enjoy having the ability to pick up many cars and people before throwing them all over the place. Become a God amongst mortal men and turn your powers on the police whenever they show up to stop your fun. It's as insane as it sounds and while it doesn't have much practical use outside of you reveling in your dark side, it's great fun nonetheless.



This mod makes GTA V a full-blown RPG with skill trees, looting systems, and the ability to choose a class when you start. If the original game didn't have enough of that sweet grind for you, then this is the mod that will change all that. It also opens up dialogue options with NPC's and has a non-linear story so you can play the game how you want to. GTA as an RPG is a wondrous thing but remember; you do have work tomorrow, so it's probably best to turn it off. Oh, sod it, just one more hour.

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