Destiny 2 - Shaft 13 Lost Sector Location | How To Start The Lumina Quest

Destiny 2

You need to find Shaft 13 as part of the Lumina quest in Destiny 2. If you are looking for the Lost Sector, you need to follow this guide. The Lumina quest released to the game today following the Weekly Reset and appears to be another gift from Shin Malphur. 

Having new Exotics show up in this fashion appears to be the latest trend in Destiny 2, and as the quests tend to be a lot of fun, it is a most welcome one. 

Shaft 13 Lost Sector Location 

EDZ Map Shaft 13 Location

Head for The Sludge on the EDZ, and right to the South of where you spawn in you will find Shaft 13. Head for it, and venture inside. If you are here for the Lumina quest, you don't need to go all the way to the Lost Sector itself. 

Jump up to the levels until you reach the corridor, then follow it until you reach two open doors on you right. If you are here for the Lumina quest, what you seek is in there. You will find a lockbox sitting on a desk in the room, open it to get what you need for the Quest.

If you get here and the lock box is gone, it is because it can rotate to multiple locations. Check your System Positioning Device for the new location. So far, it can be either Shaft 13 on the EDZ, or Excavation Site II on Io, or the Spine of Keres at the Dreaming City, the Sinking Docks on Titan, the High Plains on the Tangled Shore, the Mistson Nessus, or Alton Dynamo on Mars, and the Lighthouse on Mercury. Click on either link for a guide on how to get there, and where to find the lockbox.

If you are here for a more standard Lost Sector experience, continue down the hallway, and you will reach a long tunnel. When you reach the end, you are going to find the Lost Sector boss, and the cache you need to open.

If you need help with the rest of the quest, we have a full guide on how to get the Lumina. Best of luck in your search for the Lumina, Guardian.

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