How to Get Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go

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Pokémon Go’s newest update is live on iOS and Android. Beyond the new appraisal system and updated battles, Team Rocket Go is now invading Pokémon Go, and bringing some pumped up Shadow Pokémon with them. 

Immediately, everyone wants a Shadow Pokémon, but without much information from Niantic or the official Pokémon Go Twitter, how do you get one? And what are they?

ComicBook talks briefly about the Shadow Pokémon. Team Rocket is known to abuse Pokémon for strength. In every game in which they appear, they’re obsessed with using Pokémon for their own good. Even Mewtwo was born of their mad hunt for the most powerful Pokémon. Shadow Pokémon are an echo of that. 

Shadow Pokémon are Pokémon that were altered by Team Rocket Go in an attempt to improve their stats. To catch one, players have to find Team Rocket Go grunts loitering around PokéStops.

That's all well and good, but how do you catch one? 

Should you find a Rocket agent, battle them. Upon defeat, the Rocket agent will leave behind the Shadow Pokémon they used. Players have a chance to catch that Pokémon. According to Serebii, trainers will use Premiere Balls, much like in raids to capture it. If caught, the Shadow Pokémon will know Frustration and will need to be purified to make it stronger, turning the move to Return. Purification costs stardust and candy, so the process is similar to improving your team already.

Team Rocket Go and their shadowed teammates are already causing trouble in Pokémon Go. So spin some PokéStops and catch 'em all.

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