Abandoned Waste Dump location in Fallout 76

Bust that bunker.

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The Abandoned Waste Dump is one of the more hidden areas that you can discover as you wander the wastelands of Fallout 76. Deep within the darkest reaches of Appalachia is where you will find this location, but don’t think it is safe. Inside, you will find some deadly beasts and plenty of radiation. Make sure you are prepared before entering the Abandoned Waste Dump or you won’t make it out alive.

Where to find the Abandoned Waste Dump

If you are in search of the Abandoned Waste Dump, you will want to make sure you are well prepared. This area is meant to be visited later in the game, so gain a few levels before you go searching for it. To reach this area, you will need to travel across the map to the region called The Mire. This is the easternmost region on the map.

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The Abandoned Waste Dump can be found near the Southern Belle Motel along the road that runs north to south through the region. The entrance to the Abandoned Waste Dump is tucked away in some rocks hidden behind a tanker truck.

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What to do at the Abandoned Waste Dump

The Abandoned Waste Dump consists of two parts. The first part is a cave that houses a few Deathclaws. A minimum of two Deathclaws will be inside this cave at any time, so keep on your toes. These Deathclaws will drop various items such as Deathclaw Meat, junk, ammo, and sometimes weapons.

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The second part of the Abandoned Waste Dump is a bunker that belonged to Sam Blackwell before the bombs fell. You will find the elevator leading down to the bunk in the back of the cave by some radioactive waste. You won’t be able to use the elevator until you are completing the mission called Bunker Buster. After completing this mission, you will be able to use the elevator at any time. The bunker has plenty of junk items in it for you to scrap for crafting materials.