Alien Artifact Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 7

More customization.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Week 7 of Chapter 2 Season 7 of Fortnite means a new set of Alien Artifacts has been added to the map. Once again, there are five up for grabs this week, spread all over the map. They are one of the collectibles that players can find on the map this season. These can be used to change and customize the Kymera skin from the Battle Pass with different styles.

The Alien Artifacts look like glowing purple canisters with a strange crystal inside them and can be found in various locations on the map. To collect them, all players need to do is walk through them, and each one is actually worth four Alien Artifacts.

As well as finding them on the map, players can open Cosmic Chests that can contain the Alien Artifacts. These can only be opened with a squad, so keep that in mind before you search for them.

Alien Artifact #1 – Dampy Dish southwest of Slurpy Swamp

Can be found in the upstairs bathroom of the main building in one of the stalls.

Alien Artifact #2 – Gorgeous Gorge

Can be found under the hanging boats at Gorgeous Gorge.

Alien Artifact #3 – Camp Cod

In the main building on the eastern side of the island.

Alien Artifact #4 – South of FN Radio

Can be found on the ground floor of the main building in the Satellite base below FN Radio.

Alien Artifact #5 – Stealthy Stronghold

You can find the fifth artifact in the upper room of the southern gate towers in Stealthy Stronghold.