All armor sets in Valheim

Wear armor at every stage of your Valheim journey.

The armor sets you use in Valheim make it harder for creatures to land hard-hitting attacks against you and protect you from harm. As you progress through the game, discover a new resource, and learn about advanced crafting stations, you’ll be able to expand on the type of armors you can make and wear. Each new armor model you make comes with a new series of stats, better than the previous set you could make.

Leather armor

The leather armor is the first set you can make when you arrive in the game. It’s a step above the starting attire you have when you initially land. You need to make sure you have a workbench available and crafted before you make it, and you need to prepare to hunt plenty of deer. For the cape, you also need to take on a few skeletons, which can be a challenging fight if you’re not careful.

  • Leather helmet: 6 deer hide
  • Leather tunic: 6 deer hide
  • Leather pants: 6 deer hide
  • Deer hide cape: 4 deer hide and 5 bone fragments

Troll hide armor

Once you’ve acquired the leather armor and moved on to the Black Forest, the next armor set is troll hide. You’ll be able to acquire it from trolls, arguably a huge challenge to overcome in the Black Forest. You want to take these creatures down using arrows, and try to avoid fighting them close range for as long as possible. If you’re good at dodging and capable of parrying attacks, trolls are not too terrible. You need to take out a lot of them, so spend plenty of time wandering around the Black Forest, and try to find their caves.

When wearing this entire set, you receive a +25% increase to your sneaking skill.

  • Troll leather helmet: 5 Troll hide and 3 bone fragments
  • Troll leather tunic: 5 Troll hide
  • Troll leather pants: 5 Troll hide
  • Troll hide cape: 10 Troll hide and 10 bone fragments

Bronze armor

When you’re ready to make the Black Forest a regular hangout, you can start mining the numerous tin and copper deposits. You’ll have to make routine trips out here to gather as much as you can, bringing it back to your camp to smelt down into ingots. When you have enough ingots, you’ll be able to blend them at a forge to create bronze, and with that, you’ll be able to improve your gear to wear your first metal armor. It’s significantly stronger than Troll armor, but it decreases your movement speed. This set does not feature a cape, so you’ll want to use the Troll hide cape.

  • Bronze helmet: 5 Bronze and 2 deer hide
  • Bronze plate cuirass: 5 Bronze and 2 deer hide
  • Bronze plate leggings: 5 bronze and 2 deer hide

Iron armor

The next heavier armor that you can advance to is iron. You’ll be able to locate iron in the Swamp crypts that you can access after you defeat the second Forsaken boss, the Elder. The Swamp can be a nasty place, full of blobs, oozes, Draugr, skeletons, and Surtlings. You’ll want to bring a few poison resistance potions with you and bring plenty of pickaxes. The iron armor also does not have a cape in its set, and it will reduce your speed by 5% for every piece you have equipped.

  • Iron helmet: 20 Iron and 2 deer hide
  • Iron scale mail: 20 Iron and 2 deer hide
  • Iron greaves: 20 Iron and 2 deer hide

Wolf armor

The Mountains are hazardous. You won’t be able to adventure on them without some form of frost protection. That can be creating a frost resistance mead potion or making a wolf fur cape or the wolf armor chest. The wolf fur cape is by far the easier of the two armor pieces, and the frost resistance mead is the easiest, but it only lasts for 10 minutes after using it. The armor pieces will also protect you from frost so long as you wear them. This armor set requires that you use silver, a far more elusive resource to find. You need to use the wishbone, which you receive after beating the third Forsaken boss, Bonemass. This armor set does not have a helmet unless you count the drake helmet you can acquire in the Mountains biome.

  • Wolf armor chest: 20 Silver, 5 wolf pelts, and 1 chain
  • Wolf armor legs: 20 silver, 5 wolf pelts, and 4 wolf fangs
  • Wolf fur cape: 4 Silver, 6 wolf pelts, and 1 wolf trophy

Padded armor

The final armor set you can unlock and craft in Valheim is the padded armor set. You can acquire it by attacking and battling the fulings that have created villages and forts in the Plains biome. These little, goblin-like creatures are extremely robust and have been known to take down even the most effective players by swarming them and draining their stamina. You’ll be raiding the fuling villages to acquire flax, and you can bring it to the spinning wheel to turn it into linen threads after creating an artisan table using the dragon tear and item you receive after beating the fourth Forsaken boss, Moder.

  • Padded helmet: 10 iron and 15 linen thread
  • Padded cuirass: 10 iron and 20 linen thread
  • Padded greaves: 10 iron and 20 linen thread
  • Linen cape: 1 silver and 20 linen thread