All buffs and debuffs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and what they do

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Buffs and debuffs can make or break your party in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Xenoblade doesn’t let you use items like most RPGs, so Arts that can buff your allies or debuff your enemies are crucial in tough battles. The battle system is dense, so figuring out which status effects are hurting or helping is tough to parse. This guide will detail all buffs and debuffs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and what they do.

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All buffs and debuffs and what they do

Buffs are status effects that provide a litany of beneficiary perks and stat boosts. Debuffs can inflict debilitating effects that disrupt or damage your group over time. Knowing what they are is key to navigating demanding boss encounters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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You can see which buffs or debuffs are currently active on the left side of the screen during a fight.

All buffs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and what they do

You can find a list of buffs and the symbols representing them in the menu screen Combat tips section. Here is the full list:

List of BuffsBuff Descriptions
Accuracy UpBoosts Accuracy.
Armor VeilAbsorbs fixed amount of damage.
Attack UpBoosts damage dealt.
AwakeningImproves Atk, Def. And recharge rate.
Counter HealHeal HP when hit, for set no. of hits.
Critical Hit PlusBoosts critical hit extra damage.
Critical Rate UpBoosts Critical Rate.
Debuff BarrierNullifies set no. of enemy debuffs.
DecoyEvade attacks set no. of times.
Defense UpReduces damage taken.
Delayed HealingHeals HP when below set value.
Ether AnchorNullifies set no. of combo reactions.
Evasion UpImproves Evasion.
Fast RechargeImproves rate of recharge.
InvincibleNullifies attacks from enemies.
Pause Buff TimerFreezes time on other active buffs.
Power ChargeBoosts damage of next Art.
Recovery UpBoosts the amount of HP healed.
RegenerateHeals HP at fixed intervals.

All debuffs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and what they do

Like the buffs, you can find the symbols representing each debuff in the Combat tip section of the menu. Learning these debuffs will help you avoid danger when you run into them during a tough battle. Here is the full list:

List of DebuffsDebuff Descriptions
Accuracy DownReduces Accuracy.
Attack DownReduces damage dealt.
BindMakes it impossible to move.
BlazeDeals damage at fixed intervals.
BleedDeals damage at fixed intervals.
Damage LinkRelays damage taken to nearby allies.
Eclipse SoulMakes allies attack one another.
Ether Defense DownReduces Ether Defense.
Evasion DownReduces Evasion.
FreezeDeals damage at fixed intervals.
Heal BindIncapacitates Healers.
Interlink SealSeals Interlink with Moebius’s power.
Moebius ShacklesStops a character from moving.
Phys. Def. DownReduces Physical Defense.
Reduce AllReduces Dmg./ Acc./ Evas./ Def.
Resistance DownReduces resistance to debuffs.
Shackle ArtsMakes it impossible to use Arts.
Shackle BlockingMakes it impossible to block.
Shackle HealingMakes it impossible to heal HP.
Shield BindIncapacitates Defenders.
SleepIncapacitates until damage is taken.
Slow RechargeReduces rate of recharge.
Sword BindIncapacitates Attackers.
Target LockLocks enemy into targeting user.
ToxinDeals damage at fixed intervals.

Knowing which buffs and debuffs to use and avoid will be necessary to take on the tough bosses and Unique Monsters that roam the world of Aionios in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.