All changes to the L-Star in Evolution Collection Event patch Apex Legends

The L-Star is seeing major changes… again.

L-Star and sky

Screenshot by Gamepur

The L-Star got a major rework at the beginning of Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence, but where it fell in the meta didn’t end up being quite what the developers wanted. The gun became extremely dominant in Arenas, which gave it time to shine, but it also often overshadowed the other weapons. The Evolution Collection Event patch has made a new set of changes to the L-Star, and if we are honest, most of them are nerfs. Let’s take a look at the second rework for the L-Star in Season 10.

All changes to L-Star [Energy, LMG]:

  • [Nerf ↓] The time it takes to cool down has increased
  • [Nerf ↓] The time it takes replace the lens after an overheat has increased
  • [Nerf ↓] Rounds before an overheat have been reduced by two at all tiers
    • Base: 20 ammo (formerly 22)
    • Level 1 Extended Energy Mag (white): 22 ammo (formerly 24)
    • Level 2 Extended Energy Mag (blue): 24 ammo (formerly 26)
    • Level 3 Extended Energy Mag (purple): 26 ammo (formerly 28)
    • Level 4 Extended Energy Mag (gold): 26 ammo (formerly 28)

L-Star Price Adjustments [Arenas Only]:

  • [Increase ↑] Base Price: 500 -> 600
  • [Decrease ↓] Level 2 Upgrade: 300 -> 250
  • [Decrease ↓] Level 3 Upgrade: 400 -> 350

The maxed-out price is the same, but the base cost has increased, pricing it out of the first round. There is no change to the price of the Level 1 Upgrade.