All Characters in the Poppy Playtime games

They’re just toys, right?


Screenshot via MOB Games’ YouTube channel

Indie survival horror game Poppy Playtime fans have praised the game for its atmosphere and engaging story helped by a diverse cast of scary characters. Developed and released by MOB Games, Poppy Playtime has two full Chapters of content to play through inside the haunted toy factory. The characters in Poppy Playtime range from murderous toys to employees mentioned or seen on VHS tapes scattered throughout the game. The players can encounter most of them while unraveling the story and trying to survive the night.

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Mascots in Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze

  • Boogie Bot: A small green robot with robotic claws.
  • Bron: A large red dinosaur. Also appears in Chapter 2.
  • Candy Cat: A pale-blue cat who loves to eat. Also appears in Chapter 2.
  • Cat-Bee: A creepy hybrid of cat and bee. Also appears in Chapter 2.
  • Huggy Wuggy: A very tall, slender, fuzzy blue creature and one of the main antagonists.
  • Kissy Missy: Also a very tall, slender, fuzzy creature. Except it’s pink. Also appears in Chapter 2.
  • Poppy Playtime: A living doll with bright red hair and namesake for the game. Also appears in Chapter 2.

Mascots in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web

  • Bunzo Bunny: An anthropomorphic yellow rabbit with sharp teeth.
  • Daisy: A mantis-like daisy flower.
  • Mini Huggies: A colorful assembly of tall, slender, furry creatures.
  • Mommy Long Legs: Large, slender, spidery creature that is the main antagonist of Chapter 2.
  • PJ Pug-a-Pillar: A blue and purple hybrid of pug and caterpillar.

Rejected Toys

  • Barrel o’ Huggys
  • Dunni Buddi
  • Kick-Me-Paul
  • Love Dog
  • Owen the Oven
  • Pet Rock
  • Sir Poops-A-Lot
  • Surprise Hare

Playtime Co. Employees

  • Avery
  • Dr. Matthew Wayson
  • Eddie Ritterman
  • Elliot Ludwig
  • Interviewer
  • Jaren
  • Jimmy Roth
  • Leith Pierre
  • Marcas Brickley
  • Matteo Lata
  • Rich
  • Sarah Abell
  • Scientist
  • Sharon
  • Stella Greyber
  • The Player

Other Characters

  • Baby Long Legs
  • Barry
  • Daddy Long Legs
  • Love Bug
  • Petite Pooch
  • The Prototype