All Colossal Problem event rewards in Fallout 76

Take down Earle Williams for some great rewards.


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Earle Williams has disappeared and mutated into a Colossal Wendigo, one of the hardest enemies to defeat in Fallout 76. He now towers above you as you try to fight him and the rest of the Wendigos off. If your team has what it takes to defeat this massive beast of a man, you will be handsomely rewarded. The fight may be hard, but you will persevere. Here are all of the rewards you can get from the Colossal Problem event in Fallout 76.

How to complete the Colossal Problem event

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To start the event, you will need to activate a nuke and launch it at Monongah Mine. This location is in the Savage Divide part of the part and can be found near Monongah Overlook and the Metal Dome. Once the nuke hits, the event will begin. Travel to the event to get placed in the mine where you will need to wait for a timer to expire.

After waiting out the five-minute timer, the mine will open up and you and your team will be able to travel to the boss room. After jumping down the long elevator shaft, you will land in a big room where Earle Williams can be found on the far side. Once you engage him in battle, Wendigos will start spawning nonstop until he is defeated. All you need to do is keep the fire on Earle and hope for the best.

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All Colossal Problem rewards

There are plenty of rewards that you can obtain from this event. Like all of the other events, there are two tiers of rewards; the common and rare rewards. The common rewards are the ones that you will always get from completing the event. These rewards include things like ammo, grenades, stimpaks, and materials. You are always guaranteed to get a mix of these rewards. You also have a chance of receiving any of the following items:

  • Plan: Meat Pile
  • Plan: Wendigo Colossus Skin Rug
  • Reclaimed Deep Mining Gas Mask
  • Plan: Wendigo Colossus Heads
  • Plan: Wendigo Colossus Plushie
  • Plan: Inferno Mk 3 Power Armor Paint
  • Plan: Laser Gun Hot Rod Flames Paint
  • Plan: Large Supply Crate
  • Plan: Centurion Helmet
  • Cursed Shovel
  • Cursed Pickaxe
  • Cursed Harpoon Gun

Among these items, the ones that stand out the most are the cursed items. These are legendary items that gain additional bonus abilities that don’t appear under the legendary effects list. These abilities are often slight damage increases that help make the weapon more powerful.