All Eviction Notice event rewards in Fallout 76

Some pretty good rewards.

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Eviction Notice is one of the public events added during the Test Your Metal update. This event is also one of the more difficult ones added and requires you to defend a Rad Scrubber from a horde of Super Mutants. There isn’t too much to this quest, but it does require a lot of teamwork to successfully complete. Completing this event will get you some amazing rewards. Can you survive the onslaught?

How to get the best rewards from the Eviction Notice event

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This event is very straightforward and doesn’t require you to complete any steps for better rewards. You will get your chance to receive good rewards as long as you complete the event and don’t let the Rad Scrubber break. Remember, you can repair the Rad Scrubber if it breaks, but if you don’t reach it within the time limit, you will fail the event. There is a chance you can get better rewards from the event, but those rewards come from the enemies themselves. If you decide to destroy the Meat Bags in the area, more enemies will come. This means that more legendary enemies will appear and you will get more rewards.

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Eviction Notice event rewards

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There is a wide range of weapons that you have a chance of obtaining from the Eviction Notice event. Not just that, you will also receive some base rewards. The following are all the base rewards you will obtain from this event:

  • 1,000 XP
  • 150 Caps
  • 4 – 6 Treasury Notes
  • 5 Legendary Cores
  • Purified Water
  • Radaway
  • Stimpaks
  • 1 random weapon from the following list:
    • Foundation’s Vengeance – This is a legendary minigun that comes with the bloodied, explosive, and resistant perks on it.
    • Tone Death – This is a legendary Death Tambo melee weapon that comes with the suppressor, swing speed, and +1 strength perks on it.
    • Doctor’s Orders – This is a legendary hunting rifle that comes with the vampire, limb damage, and stealth field perks on it.
    • Crowd Control – This is a legendary combat shotgun that comes with the suppressor, explosive, and reduced weight perks on it.
    • The Debilitator – This is a legendary super sledge that comes with the mutant slayer, swing speed, and +1 strength perks on it.
    • Pirate Punch – This is a black powder weapon that comes with the additional projectile, faster reload, and V.A.T.S hit chance perks on it.

While the weapons from this event aren’t the most amazing, you can make some decent builds around the shotgun and minigun on the list. These two weapons are the best from the event and should be kept if you get them. Other weapons on the list will probably turn into scrap if you get your hands on them. You can get more rewards from other events like Moonshine Jamboree or Test Your Metal.