All Creed quests and rewards in Fortnite

Knock out event challenges for a valuable boxing-themed spray.


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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has had several crossovers in its three-month duration, but there has not been one more surprising than its Creed collab. The film’s title character comes to the battle royale alongside a string of quests players can complete for an exclusive cosmetic. These even reward massive XP bonuses for those looking to complete the current Battle Pass. This guide will breakdown all of the Creed challenges and their rewards in Fortnite.

All Creed quests in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Available until March 9 at 9 AM ET, the Creed questline consists of seven new challenges, all of which grant 20,000 XP upon completion. These certainly make for an excellent way to level up fast, especially as their objectives revolve around the game’s more basic mechanics. For instance, an XP bonus can be earned by reaching the top 25 of a match or by using bandages. You can find all Creed quests below.

  • Catch a chicken (0/1)
  • Collect Slap Juice in different matches (0/3)
  • Deal melee damage to opponents (0/200)
  • Reach the top 25 players remaining in a match (0/1)
  • Restore health using bandages (0/3)
  • Throw Off-Road Tires and flip an overturned vehicle (0/2)
  • Travel while sprinting or sliding in a single match (0/500)

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How to unlock rewards from the Creed quests

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Aside from XP, there is also an item exclusively tied to the Creed event. Players who complete five Creed quests will earn the Creed’s Gloves Spray for free. Unfortunately, the crossover’s Apollo Creed skin cannot be unlocked through the quests, as it will only be available in the Item Shop starting on March 2 at 7 PM ET. The skin will be accompanied in the store by other Creed accessories, such as the Heavy Bag Back Bling and Target Training Emote.