Punch above your weight when Adonis Creed comes to Fortnite later this week

Enter the Adonis Creed Cup tomorrow for a chance get this skin early.


Image via Epic Games

Developer Epic Games has announced that Adonis Creed is coming to Fortnite as a new Outfit in the Item Shop later this week. The new skin comes with a few variations, and there’s even an opportunity to get it early if you can earn enough points in a special tournament.

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Announced today alongside Fortnite’s v23.50 update, the Adonis Creed Outfit comes to Fortnite on March 2 at 7 PM ET. However, you can get it early and get a special Spray by taking part in the Creed Cup, which starts tomorrow, March 1, and earning enough points. In addition, Creed Quests will launch on March 2 at 9 AM ET to earn the Creed’s Glove Spray. If Adonis Creed isn’t enough for you, then you can upgrade your skin to the Bionic Creed Style. There are two of these, orange and blue, and a stack of accessories to equip too.

The Creed Cup takes place during a short 3-hour window, giving you very little time to earn as many points as possible in this Solo Zero Build tournament. If you’re a top-scorer in your region, you’ll get the Adonis Creed Outfit and the Heavy Black Back Bling to equip with it. The number of points you’ll need to score will be released closer to the time the tournament goes live. At the time of writing, we don’t know how many you’ll need to grab yourself this skin early. The Creed Brand Spray is your reward for getting a measly 8 points, which is well worth your time. You’ll need to have two-factor authentication on your Epic Games account and have your Account Level at level 15 or higher to participate in the Creed Cup.

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The Adonis Creed skin and everything around it is, obviously, part of a promotion with the Creed movie franchise. Creed 3 hits theatres on March 3, meaning fans can scratch their boxing movie itch early in Fortnite by playing around with the protagonist in Fortnite, potentially even getting him early and at no extra cost. Fortnite is no stranger to these franchise tie-ins, with a new outfit for Geralt of Rivia arriving in the game earlier today as part of Chapter 4 Season 1’s Battle Pass.