Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: All Delibird Present Store Locations & All Items

There are Delibird store locations in key areas of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and this guide shows you where to find them, and all items.

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There are several stores you can find throughout the Paldea region in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These stores are important to purchase a wide variety of items for you to use in and outside Pokemon battles.

One store in particular, the Delibird Present store, has several items for sale, many of which will be evolution items. Here’s what you need to know about all Delibird Present store locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Where to find all Delibird Present stores in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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The Delibird Present stores are in several key locations in Paldea for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. There are three in Paldea: Mesagoza, Levincia, and Cascarrafa. You can visit the one in Mesagoza shortly after you’ve completed the game’s tutorial and embark on your open-world journey. The one in Levincia is in the east, and the one in Cascarrafa is in the west. After you travel to these locations at least once, you will unlock the fast travel spot for them, making it easier to visit them regularly.

When it comes down to it, Mesagoza has the most Delibird Present locations. There are three within the city. One is on the northwest side, one is on the southwest, and another on the southeast. Despite being in different locations, they should have many of the same items, such as the Destiny Knot, King’s Rock, Razor Claw, Quick Claw, Grip Claw, and several more.

The one in Cascarrafa is on the west side of the city, close to the border of the outside. You can buy items such as Dragon Fang, Utility Umbrella, Leftovers, Heat Rock, Damp Rock, Smooth Rock, Icy Rock, and others.

The final Delibird Presents location in Levincia will be in the north part of the city. This location will have a handful of unique items, like Black Glasses, Never-Melt Ice, Metal Coat, Shell Bell, Scope Lens, and many more. We’ve listed all of the items for each store in the graph below.

Each of the Delibird stores in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet share a variety of similar items you can buy from anyone you visit. These items are going to be: Bottle Cap, Everstone, Fire Stone, Leaf Stone, Pink Nectar, Power Anklet, Power Band, Power Belt, Power Bracer, Power Lens, Power Weight, Purple Nectar, Red Nectar, Smoke Ball, Soothe Bell, Sweet Apple, Tart Apple, Thunder Stone, Water Stone, and Yellow Nectar. There are also Poke Balls for sale, such as the Dive Ball, Dusk Ball, Great Ball, Heal Ball, Luxury Ball, Nest Ball, Net Ball, Quick Ball, Repeat Ball, Timer Ball, and Ultra Ball.

These are all of the locations where you can find Delibird stores in the regions of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Delibird Store LocationDelibird Store CityAll Delibird Store Items
CascarrafaAbsorb Bulb
Air Balloon
Big Root
Bright Powder
Cell Battery
Damp Rock
Dragon Fang
Electric Seed
Grassy Seed
Hard Stone
Heat Rock
Icy Rock
Light Clay
Luminous Moss
Mental Herb
Mirror Herb
Misty Seed
Normal Gem
Poison Barb
Power Herb
Psychic Seed
Shed Shell
Smooth Shell
Smooth Rock
Spell Tag
Terrian Extender
Utility Umbrella
White Herb
LevinciaAdrenaline Orb
Binding Band

Black Belt
Black Glasses
Black Sludge
Covert Cloak
Eject Button
Eject Pack
Flame Orb
Heavy-Duty Boots
Iron Ball
Lagging Tail
Loaded Dice
Metal Coat
Never-Melt Ice
Protective Pads
Red Card
Ring Target
Room Service
Safety Goggles
Scopes Lens
Shell Bell
Soft Sand
Sticky Barb
Toxic Orb
Wide Lens
Zoom Lens
MesagozaAbility Shield
Assault Vest
Blunder Policy
Choice Band
Choice Scarf
Choice Specs
Clear Amulet
Destiny Knot
Expert Belt
Focus Band
Focus Sash
Grip Claw
King’s Claw
Life Orb
Miracle Seed
Muscle Band
Mystic Water
Poke Ball
Punching Glove
Quick Claw
Razor Claw
Rocky Helmet
Sharp Beak
Silk Scarf
Silver Powder
Throat Spray
Weakness Policy
Wise Glasses