All Disney Dreamlight Valley Holiday 2023 Free Codes & How To Claim Them

Get all the holiday goodies with these Disney Dreamlight Valley codes currently working during December 2023!

Christmas Codes RedemptioN DDV

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Tis the season to spread joy and gifts, and Disney Dreamlight Valley knows it. The creative team behind DDV is sharing a ton of codes to give back to its player base.

DDV is no stranger to gifting items through codes. However, I think they’ve really outdone themselves this holiday season. The codes you can redeem in Disney Dreamlight Valley during December are like nothing you’ve ever seen before, featuring exclusive items and recipes that are to die for. In this guide, I’ll list every holiday code you can redeem in DDV during Christmas 2023. I’ll also include a quick how-to guide in case you’ve never redeemed codes in the game before or if, like me, you keep forgetting where they go.

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All Christmas 2023 Codes for Disney Dreamlight Valley

All December Codes in DDV
Screenshot by Gamepur
DDV CodeRewardsBest Use
SG2023500 MoonstonesPremium Shop or savings.
SGWRAPPINGPAPERWrapping Paper x5Wrapping Papers should come in handy to complete one of DDV’s Winter 2023 duties. While you’ll need more than 5, it’s a nice nudge to reach the goal.
SGCOZYCOCOAMarble Fireplace x1
Marble Coffee Table x1
Ornate Couchx1
Hot Cocoa x5
Turn your house into a cozy haven for the holidays, take a pic and save it as this week’s Dreamsnaps.
SGMULTIPLAYERPixelized Cooking Flam x1
Glitchy Pixel Duplicate x1
These items are great if you’re into DDV’s multiplayer mode.
SGSNOWDAYHaughty Snowman x1
Snow Kid x1
Snow Lady x1
Snow Hut x1
Snowy Brock Road with Border x20
All these snowmen can easily help you complete at least two of this year’s Winter 2023 event.
SG2023GIFTSPainted Table x1
Vine Flower Lamp x1
Snowy Festive Window x1
Telescope x1
These items should help you make the most of this week’s Dreamsnaps challenge.

WARNING: Be extremely careful when redeeming the SGMULTIPLAYER code. There’s currently a bug causing Glitchy Pixel Duplicates to remove items from players inventories, including Dreamlight. While devs are working on a solution, these items are best left in your inbox for a couple of days.

How to Redeem Codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Christmas Codes DDV
Screenshot by Gamepur

Now that you’ve got the code let’s cash it in. But where’s that sneaky redemption button in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

  1. Pop open the pause menu and scoot over to the Settings in the top-right corner.
  2. Swipe down to hit the “Helptab on the left sub-menu.
  3. Within the “Aboutsection, you’ll spot a cute little empty lilac box.
  4. Punch in the code and hit “Claim” when you’re set.
  5. Hang tight for a sec, and your treats will slide right into your in-game mailbox.