All elements and how they work in Gotham Knights

What hot weapons are you using?

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A handful of elements appeared throughout Gotham Knights that you want to make sure you keep track of while playing the game. These elements typically come from your enemies when they hit you, but you can also craft notable melee or ranged weapons that will do particular damage. It’s important to consider what elements you’re using before entering a specific encounter, especially when taking on a boss. Here’s what you need to know about all elements and how they work in Gotham Knights.

How all elements work and what they do in Gotham Knights

You can use five elements in Gotham Knights: Concussive, Cryogenic, Toxic, Bioelectric, and Incendiary. These essentially translate to physical, cold, poison, electricity, and fire. Each effect will do something to your character or the enemies you’re fighting against. You’ll notice when an enemy is weak to these effects when fighting them if you see red hit numbers appearing above their head, or you can read their database catalog to see their weaknesses.

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Here’s a breakdown of how each of these elements works.

  • Concussive
    • This is the physical element and has the chance to stun opponents or your characters.
  • Cryogenic
    • This is the ice element, and if you build up enough Cryogenic against an opponent, they will freeze, taking additional damage from your until they break free. The same effect can happen to you and your characters.
  • Toxic
    • This is the poison element. If you build up enough Toxin damage to your target, they’ll become poisoned and start to take damage over time.
  • Bioelectric
    • This is the electric element. When you complete the build up for this element while battling someone, you have a chance to shock them, preventing them from moving. The same effect can happen to your characters.
  • Incendiary
    • This is the fire element. Similar to Toxic, when you completely build it up against an enemy, they will take damage overtime, but they’ll also try to put out the flames. The same effect can happen to your characters.