How to use fear and what it does in Gotham Knights

Fear will keep the criminals of Gotham in line.

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Fear was a critical element that made Batman terrifying to the criminals in Gotham, and in Gotham Knights, you’ll have the chance to utilize it as any of the characters featured in the game. Batman taught each of these characters so they understand how to use it. As a result, they can inflict fear on their enemies during combat, potentially making an encounter much easier to handle. Here’s what you need to know about how to use fear and what it does in Gotham Knights.

How fear works in Gotham Knights

Fear can happen in several opportunities in Gotham Knights. For example, if you’re fighting against multiple enemies and you eliminate all but a small handful, you’ll see a small ghost-like icon above their heads. This shows that your foes have become fearful, reducing their attack speed and overall defenses, making them easier to dispatch. However, an enemy with the fear effect can become terrified, and they will flee the area, leaving you with one less opponent to battle during an encounter.

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After unlocking Knighthood or standard perks for your characters, a handful will have abilities that influence fear. For example, Red Hood has a handful of abilities that make him more fearful of enemies, such as giving him the passive that when his shots knock out a target, they inflict fear on nearby enemies, or grabbing an enemy will cause others to become fearful. If an enemy builds up enough fear, there’s a good chance they can become terrified, and they will run.

Batman regularly utilized fear while keeping Gotham safe, and the Gotham Knights can also do this. The more opportunities you have to cause fear amongst your enemies, the less challenge you’ll have to contend with. Keep an eye on their health bars during a fight, and watch for the ghost icon.