Where to find Pseudoderm in Gotham Knights

Improve your gear while protecting Gotham.

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Pseudoderm is one of the several resources you can find throughout exploring Gotham Knights. You’ll regularly use it to craft some of your higher-quality suits, melee, and ranged weapons. It’s critical you have enough on you to supply each of the characters in the game, especially if you bounce back and forth between using them. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Pseudoderm in Gotham Knights.

How to get Pseudoderm in Gotham Knights

Pseudoderm will be available as you take down the Mob faction throughout Gotham Knights. A handful of factions begin to appear as crime in Gotham spirals out of control, and these combatants regularly operate throughout the city. There’s a good chance to find them through any of the Premeditated Crimes that pop up on the map when you return to the Belfry after you acquire enough clues, but because Pseudoderm is an epic resource, you’ll expect to regularly find it on more difficult and higher level missions.

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There’s a good chance on these higher-level missions that the Mob faction members will drop the resource. You can find it on the ground and scoop it up to bring it back to your crafting station. If you’re having trouble finding the Mob or any of their missions, we recommend looking for them in West End, Otisburg, or the Bowery. They don’t have too many locations compared to the other factions in Gotham, but you can reliably find them causing trouble. After you reach these locations, look for the white triangles on your map to indicate there are informants at those locations. Then, scan the enemies at that location to find the one with the question mark over their head, and interrogate them.

Finding this resource can be a little tough, but hunt down more of the Mob faction to increase your chances of finding it.