All enchantments in Roblox Pet Simulator X

Every standard and unique enchantment in the game.


Image via BIG Games Simulators

Roblox Pet Simulator X is the latest game in the Pet Simulator series, promising more pets than you could ever handle in real life and all the challenges and benefits that come with that territory. However, to make the most of your pets, you’re going to need to apply enchantments to them. This guide covers every enchantment in the game and what they all do.

For those who don’t know, enchantments used to be applied randomly to pets, and you couldn’t acquire them any other way. Though now, you can use the Enchantment Circle to gamble for new, better ones for your pets. You can also use codes to help you earn better enchantments.

Standard enchantments

These enchantments aren’t unique and do not scale with level.

  • Teamwork: Pets working together deal more damage with this enchantment
  • Charm: While equipped, this enchantment increases your chances of getting a bonus
  • Super Teamwork: Pets deal significantly more damage together with this enchantment

Scaling level enchantments

These enchantments will all have a number attached to them between one and five. One is the weakest version of the enchantment, while five is the strongest version. Naturally, you want to strive for the strongest version of your pets.

  • Strength: Deals additional damage
  • Agility: Your pet will move faster with this enchantment
  • Gifts: Damaging presents with a pet with this enchantment yeilds specific rewards based on the level
  • Chest Breaker: A pet with this enchantment deals additional damage to chests
  • Fantasy Coins: Pets with this enchantement earn more Fantasy Coins
  • Coins: Pets with this enchantement earn more standard Coins
  • Diamonds: A pet with this enchantment earns more Diamonds

Unique enchantments

These enchantments are rare and exotic, meaning they don’t often appear and offer the best benefits to you from your benefits.

  • Royalty: A pet with this enchantment deals 100% more damage, moves 50% faster, and gains double Diamonds
  • Glittering: Pets with this enchantment will spawn Diamonds randomly
  • Magnet: A pet with this enchnatment will collect orbs for you