All enemy bugs in Grounded

Know what bugs can pose a threat in Grounded.

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There are multiple bugs for you to encounter in Grounded. Some of these bugs are passive, but many of them are aggressive, and they’re ready to defend themselves against you while exploring the backyard, possibly preventing you from advancing. You may want to know what you’re dealing with before you leave your protected base. This guide covers all enemy bugs you can find in Grounded.

Every enemy bug you can find in Grounded

There are two types of enemy bugs: neutral and aggressive. Neutral bugs are docile unless provoked, which can turn on you to fight back. The aggressive bugs will attack you immediately without even so much as a warning. There are other bugs besides this list, but none of them will attack you, even if attacked first. Since they aren’t even enemies, we are not including them on this list.

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Neutral Bugs

Bugs NameBehavior
BeeIt’s an insect that flies around the backyard. It can become aggressive if a player approaches it near the Picnic Table or the honey pot.
Black Worker AntThe black worker ant is similar to the red worker ant, except they have different colors.
FireflyThis is a harmless insect that flies around at night, but it produces some excellent resources, such as Glow Goo and Iridescent Scales
LadybugThese adorable insects mostly roam around, but when you hit them, they can turn the opposite of what you would imagine a Ladybug being like.
Red Worker AntYou will come across many Worker Ants in the game, and they will keep to themselves for the most part. You will take out many of them for armor and other gear.
Roly PolyThe Roly Poly is a tame insect that wanders around the backyard with no real direction. It is, however, extremely durable, and can be difficult to defeat.
Sickly Roly PolyThe Sickly Roly Poly is similar to the standard one, except it is much weaker. You can find it close to the Trash Heap, over by the Picnic Table.

Aggressive Bugs

Bug NameBehavior
AntlionThe Antlion primarily roams around the Sandbox, keeping to the dunes of this location and waiting to attack any unaware players or other insects.
Black Ox BeetleThe Black Ox Beetle is a massive insect. It has heavy armor that makes taking it down a challenge, even if you’re prepared to battle it.
Black Soldier AntThe Black Soldier Ant is similar to the Red Soldier Ant, keeping primarily to the Black Anthill but is stronger.
Bombadier BeetleMuch like the Stinkbug, this beetle will release some toxic gas when you are close to it.
Diving Bell SpiderEven the water is not safe. The Diving Bell Spider is an arachnid that swims underwater and will be one of the more annoying threats you face while in this environment.
Dust MiteAlthough small, the Dust Mites can swarm you if you’re not careful.
GnatThese pests fly around the map and can be a pain as they sometimes swarm you. A couple of hits will do them in, though.
Green Shield BugSimilar to the Stinkbug, the Green Shield Bug will attack you using many gas-related attacks and angry bites. You want to fight this enemy in close quarters.
Infected LadybugThis is an infected version of the standard Ladybug. They can poison you.
Infected LarvaeThis is an infected version of the standard Larvae. They can poison you.
Infected MiteThey’re the same as normal mites but can bite you.
Infected WeevilThese Weevils will come after you and explode, doing some decent damage.
Infected Wolf SpiderAn infected version of the Wold Spider could poison you if it lands a hit against you.
Koi FishThe Koi Fish is one of the larger threats you will face while underwater, and you’re better off avoiding them unless you’re ready for an underwater battle.
LarvaeLarvae travel in packs of up to five and can usually be found hunting food. They can be a real threat, so be ready if you find them.
LadybirdThe Ladybird is a more aggressive variant of the Ladybug.
Ladybird LarvaA baby version of the Ladybird, these insects are stronger than the standard Larva in Grounded.
LarvaThe Larva is a pointy insect you might find while exploring the middle of the Backyard. Although about the size of a Red or Black Soldier Ant, you don’t want to underestimate them.
Lawn MiteMites are another small insect that can get irritating if they swarm you. However, they are easy to kill and shouldn’t pose too much of a threat unless you come across them at the wrong time.
MosquitoThe Mosquito is a flying enemy you can find while exploring the Backyard. Because it can take to the air so quickly, it’s better to avoid this creature unless you have a way to kite its attacks.
Orb Weaver SpiderThe Orb Weavers come in two different sizes: small and big. The smaller ones are relatively easy to deal with; just attack and avoid them. But the big ones can overwhelm you and take you down fast.
Orb Weaver Jr.The Orb Weaver Jr is a smaller version of the standard Orb Weaver Spider. They’re a sign you’re entering spider territory, and if you’re not ready to fight the larger version, this is a good one to battle against to earn some basic insect parts.
Red Soldier AntThese guard the Red Ant Hills, and while their Worker counterparts won’t bother you unless provoked, these bugs will come after you immediately if you trespass on their property. They are weaker compared to the Black Soldier Ants.
SpiderlingThese baby spiders can easily be killed, but they do some damage in numbers.
StinkbugDon’t stay too close to a Stinkbug for too long as they can release poison clouds. The problem is that they’ll chase you, too, so you must stay moving and attack when possible.
TermiteThe Termite looks almost like a pale Ant, but they have a ranged attack that makes them slightly more troublesome.
Termite KingThe Termite King is a powerful creature that only spawns in the Termite Den. It is not a boss.
Termite SoldierThe Termite Soldier, again, is similar to the Ants in Grounded. If another Termite is attacked, it will rush to the aid to assist other Termites.
Water FleaThe Water Flea is another smaller foe you will encounter while exploring the pond. They are one of the more common enemies you will find in this environment, and while they are aggressive, they should not prove too much for many players to handle.
Wolf SpiderGood luck if you run into this monster. This bug is meant to be avoided unless you have some high-end gear and weapons. Don’t even try to mess with it. You have been warned.