All enemy bugs in Grounded

Know what bugs can pose a threat in Grounded.

As you try to survive among the dangers of your backyard in Grounded, you are going to have to fight off a lot of different bugs that attack you. These once-tiny critters have become full-scale monsters since you shrunk down, and many of them are not to be messed with unless you are prepared for it. To help you with this preparation, we have made this guide for all the enemy bugs you will face during your time in the game.

There are two types of enemy bugs: Neutral and Aggressive. Neutral bugs are docile unless provoked, in which case they can turn on you to fight back. Aggressive, as you can gather, are the bugs that will attack you immediately without even so much as a warning. There are other bugs besides the ones on this list, but none of them will attack you, even if attacked first. Since they aren’t even enemies though, we are not including them on this list.

Neutral Bugs

Bugs NameBehavior
LadybugThese adorable insects mostly just roam around, but when you hit them, they can turn into the complete opposite of what you would imagine a Ladybug being like.
Worker AntYou will come across a lot of Worker Ants in the game, and they will keep to themselves for the most part. You are going to take out many of them for armor and other gear.

Aggressive Bugs

Bug NameBehavior
Bombadier BeetleMuch like the Stinkbug, this beetle will release some toxic gas when you are close to it.
GnatThese pests fly around the map and can be a real pain as they swarm you sometimes. A couple of hits will do them in, though.
Infected MiteThey’re the same as normal mites, but they can poison you when they bite.
Infected WeevilThese Weevils will come after you and explode, doing some decent damage.
LarvaeLarvae travel in packs of up to five and can usually be found hunting food. They can be a real threat when together, so be ready if you find them.
MiteMites are another small insect that can get really irritating if you are swarmed by them. However, they are easy to kill and shouldn’t pose too much of a threat unless you come across them at the wrong time.
Orb Weaver SpiderThe Orb Weavers come in two different sizes: small and big. The smaller ones are relatively easy to deal with; just attack and avoid them. But the big ones can really overwhelm you and take you down fast.
SpiderlingThese baby spiders can easily be killed, but they do some damage in numbers.
Soldier AntThese jerks guard the Ant Hills, and while their Worker counterparts won’t bother you unless provoked, these bugs will come after you right away if you trespass on their property.
StinkbugDon’t stay too close to a Stinkbug for too long as they can release clouds of poison. The problem is that they’ll chase you too, so you have to stay moving and attack when you can.
Wolf SpiderGood luck if you run into this monster. Unless you have some high-end gear and weapons, this bug is meant to be avoided. Don’t even try to mess with it. You have been warned.