All fish you can catch in Dinkum – Full Fish List

How to catch them all.

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Fishing in Dinkum is a great way to make some extra money, though it can tax your patience after a while. Not only does it take a lot of time, but there are some timing mechanics you’ll need to wrap your head around. If you want to stock your museum with various fish in the region, it will take a lot of time and effort to get it done. Fortunately, our Dinkum Fish Guide has every fish species and where to find them, so you know exactly where to look.

All fish locations in Dinkum

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Once you’ve mastered the art of fishing in Dinkum, you’ll be tasked with filling the museum with species from the bodies of water around the town. Whether you’re looking for a specific fish for a quest or you’ve got the growing need to catch them all, here is every fish in Dinkum.

NameWhere to catchTime of DaySeason
Blue Spot FlatheadNorthern and Southern OceanMorning and AfternoonSummer, Fall, and Spring
Jungle PerchRivers and BillabongsAnyAnuy
Barcoo GrunterRivers and Billabongs and MangrovesAnyAny
Eel Tailed CatfishMangrovesAnyAny
Silver PerchRivers and BillabongsAnyFall and Winter
Black and White SnapperNorthern and Souther OceansAfternoonFall and Spring
Boofhead CatfishMangrovesNightSummer, Fall, and Spring
River BassRivers and MangrovesAnySummer and Spring
AnchovySouthern OceansMorning and NightFall and Winter
BluefishNorthern and Southern OceansAnyAny
CarpRivers and MangrovesAnyAny
GarfishNorthern and Southern OceansAnyWinter and Spring
GraylingBillabongs and RiversAfternoonFall and Winter
Mangrove JackMangrovesAnyAny
BlackfishBillabongs and RiversAnySpring
Banded MorongNorthern and Southern OceansAnyWinter
TravallaNorthern OceansAnyFall and Spring
Goat FishSouthern OceansAnySummer and Spring
StingrayNothern OceansNightSummer and Fall
Eyestripe SurgeonfishNothern OceansAfternoonSummer and Spring
LuderickNorthern OceansAfternoonWiinter
BarracudaNorthern OceansNightSummer, Fall, and Spring
Golden PerchRiversMorningSpring
BarramundiRiversAnyFall, Winter, and Spring
Murray CodRiversMorningWinter and Spring
Blob FishSouthern OceansNightFall and Winter
MarlinSouthern OceansAfternoonFall and Winter
Yellowfin TunaNorthern and Southern OceansMorning and NightFall and Spring
SaratogaBillabongsNightSummer and Autumn
Short Finned EelBillabongsNightAll