Dinkum fishing guide – How to fish in Dinkum

Gotta catch them all!

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Fishing in Dinkum, just like how it is in Stardew Valley, can be a both fun but difficult activity. Not only does fishing require a lot of time and patience, but when you finally do get a fish, you need to know what to do, or else you’ll lose it very quickly. So, if you want to get all the fish in Dinkum, here’s what you need to do so you can guarantee a successful catch every time.

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How to fish in Dinkum

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In order to fish in the game, you’ll first need to acquire the Fishing License from Fletch for 250 Permit Points. Once you do that, you can head over to John’s store and buy a fishing rod from him for 1,260 Dinks. After getting the fishing rod, walk over to any body of water and cast your line with the left mouse button and then let go of it to cast. The longer you hold the left mouse button, the further you’ll cast.

When fishing, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your bobber. When a fish is near it, it will nibble at it at first and then bite the bait. When your bobber goes underwater, that’s when you’ll want to reel in your fish. This is where the tricky part of fishing comes in because the fish won’t come in easily.

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The fish will thrash about and if you try to reel it in when it’s doing this, your line will get damaged and inevitably break. Although the fish will get further away from you when thrashing, you’ll need to let them do this, so you don’t break your line and lose the fish. Now, how do you know when the fish is thrashing? A fish is trashing when they’re splashing around. So, don’t reel in when you see them splashing. When they aren’t splashing, you’re safe to reel them in. After some patience, you’ll catch the fish.