All Gnome locations at Homely Hills in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Three Gnomes to complete the challenge.

The map inĀ FortniteĀ has flooded, and Season 3 brings with it plenty of changes and challenges. A new challenge for you to complete has you locating three Gnomes at Homely Hills. These Gnomes are all over this area, but not all of them will also show up in your game. These locations rotate out, so you may find them in different locations than we have marked them.

Homely Hills is at the north point of the map, slightly to the left of Pleasant Hill. When you first land there, it will become a vibrant, colored location on your larger map. But you still need to find all three of the Gnomes in this area.


Your best bet to find the Gnomes early is to land here once you jump off of the bus. These locations rotate, and you won’t find them all in the same areas each match. Some of the sites listed above will be available, while others you won’t find during your match. Your best bet is to visit these locations and swoop around the several houses of Homely Hills to see the Gnome spawns for your map.

You won’t have to go inside any of the buildings to find a Gnome. All of the Gnomes located thus far have been outside. You can stay outside to find your three Gnomes during your match, and cash in on the challenge.