All Gowngoat item drops and percentages in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

A docile creature with rich resources.

Image via Capcom

The Gowngoat in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is one of the more docile small creatures you can find wandering around the game. Despite their larger size, they don’t mean any harm and tend to keep to themselves. However, these monsters have useful resources you can utilize back at Elgado Outpost. Here’s what you need to know about all Gowngoat item drops and percentages in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

All Gowngoat material drops

The Gowngoat exclusively appears in the Citadel. You will unlock this region as you progress through the Sunbreak expansion. It happens when you first need to head there to defeat one of the three lords, Garangolm, and then you can unlock that region to explore at your leisure. You might encounter Gowngoats while trying to take down the Garangolm.

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Despite being docile, the Gowngoat has helpful items we highly recommend grabbing. You will need to take down these monsters, which is effortless as they do not fight back. However, they will run away from you, and if they get far enough away, they disappear. Therefore, you want to make sure you can chase them down before they get away.

These are all the materials the Gowngoat has a chance to drop.

  • Gowngoat Thickfur: 42% from carves
  • Large Herbivore Bones: 28% from carves
  • Gowngoat Fleeceball: 20% from carves
  • Raw Meat: 10% from carves
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The Large Herbivore Bones are likely the most prized item of the creature. There’s a slight chance you might receive it from taking it down, but, likely, you won’t. You’ll need to find multiple Gowngoats in the Citadel to increase your chances of finding that item, or you can send your buddies out on missions to try their hand at grabbing them while hunting larger monsters.