Fortnite Lantern Fest Tour Island Event: Every Lantern Location

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Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s Lantern Fest is one of the brightest events the battle royale gets each year. With every new map comes a set of new challenges to complete as you explore the island. This guide outlines where all the Lanterns on Lantern Fest Tour Island are, so you can light them all and knock that challenge on its head.

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Where to find all the Lanterns on Lantern Fest Tour Island

Below, we’ve listed all ten Lantern locations on Lantern Fest Tour Island. Unfortunately, when you load into the island, the map is disabled. This is likely due to it being made in Creative Mode, though that could change if the map is upgraded to Fortnite Creative 2.0. While we don’t have map references, most of these Lanterns are near named locations that will show up in your minimap anyway, so they should be easy to pin down.

Lantern 1: Race Rumble

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first Lantern we found was near the Race Rumble activity. This is directly across the garden where you spawn on the island. Look for the Race Rumble icon in the minimap, and you’ll find the Lantern inside the building.

Lantern 2: Marvelous Maze

Screenshot by Gamepur

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The second Lantern we found is at the Marvelous Maze location. This has a green icon on the map and is on the left-hand side of the large garden. You can’t miss all the hedges around the massive greenhouse.

Lantern 3: Parkour Paradise

Screenshot by Gamepur

For our third Lantern, we headed over to Parkour Paradise. This is on the left-hand side of the island, about halfway between the top and bottom. Look behind the large sign to find the Lantern.

Lantern 4: Mid-right of the map

Screenshot by Gamepur

The fourth Lantern we found is on the right-hand side of the map. From your spawn point in Bounty Boulivard, head right out of that location and into the garden. Follow the cobblestone path, and you’ll see a Lantern about halfway up.

Lantern 5: Flawless Fashion

Screenshot by Gamepur

Our fifth Lantern is located at Flawless Fashion. This location is pink and on the right-hand side of the map, up in the top corner. Follow the path to the right out of Bounty Boulivard and you’ll see it.

Lantern 6: Slippery Slide/Race Rumble

Screenshot by Gamepur

For our sixth Lantern, we found it at the top of the map next to the boardwalk for Slippery Slide. Race Rumble is also very close to this location. If you see either of those, look to the path because the Lantern is there.

Lantern 7: Cozy Court

Screenshot by Gamepur

The seventh Lantern we found is at Cozy Court. Head up the stairs in the middle of the buildings and then go across the soccer pitch. The Lantern is on the floor in the walkway on the opposite side.

Lantern 8: Furious Fighters

Screenshot by Gamepur

The eighth Lantern we found is at Furious Fighters. This location is at the top of the map, hidden behind some trees. Look for a castle, and then go inside. The Lantern is on the floor on the right-hand side.

Lantern 9: Slurp Juice restaurant

Screenshot by Gamepur

The ninth Lantern we located is back in Cozy Court. The Slurp Juice restaurant on the left-hand side of this location has a Lantern on the right-hand side of the counter.

Lantern 10: Bounty Boulivard

Screenshot by Gamepur

The tenth Lantern we found is at the spawn point for Lantern Fest Tour Island, Bounty Boulivard. The Lantern is on the right-hand side at the top of the platform, where you can see the board with all the challenges listed.