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The 10 best Fortnite Zone Wars codes

High pressure creative matches on the way.

Sometimes in Fortnite, you don’t want to play the traditional Battle Royale or Save the World game modes. With such a plethora of maps built by the community and content creators though, it can be hard to decide what to play. This guide outlines the best Fortnite Zone Wars codes, so you can get into the best Zone Wars games and make Fortnite feel fresh again.

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10 of the best Fortnite Zone Wars codes

In this list, we’ve collected 10 of the best Fortnite Zone Wars codes for maps you can play today. Read through them all and pick one you like before jumping in. They’re in no particular order because each offers a slightly different experience worth exploring if you enjoy this game mode. Read the section at the bottom of the list to learn how to use these codes to get into matches.

Arena Zone Wars (2v2)

Image via Fortnite Creative

Map code: 9001-5179-7283

This is a small map designed for quick matches between four players in teams of two. It’s intense and will force you to push your strategies to the limit. This is the perfect map if you’re trying to get some practice in for Duos competitions and just need some other players to fight against in an intense session.

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Cyber Clash

Image via Fortnite Creative

Map code: 4084-4464-8065

Cyber Clash is a great map that makes use of Circuit City to host Zone Wars matches. It’s very different from what you’ll see in the main game and allows four teams to pit themselves against one another for glory in the endgame stages of a match.

FFA – Box Fight & Zone War

Image via Epic Games

Map code: 3515-0375-5877

In this map, every round can switch between being a Box Fight or a Zone War. You just never know, and that keeps things really interesting if you’re playing for a long while. This map will really keep you on your toes for a while and provides a decent variation from the standard Fortnite repetition.

Greasy Grove ZW (Zero Build)

Image via Fortnite Creative

Map code: 0238-0148-6690

If you love Greasy Grove, then this is the perfect Zone Wars map to jump into. It’s a Zone Wars fight across the location, and it’s brutal. You’ll get a real feel for what that intense endgame is like when you drop in here. This will help you perform in real matches because it’s much more like a real location in the latest season.

Gulag Zone Wars

Image via Fortnite Creative

Map code: 9810-7942-8800

Gulag Zone Wars is one of the most popular Zone Wars maps out there. It twists this already twisted concept by adding challenges, rewards, and custom loadouts, which all force you to fight your way back against enemies once you’ve reached a certain point. This is an incredible custom game mode that won’t help you out in the endgame as much as other maps on this list, but it’s still very enjoyable.

Mini Battle Royale Simulator

Image via Fortnite Creative

Map code: 5430-0311-1167

If you love the standard Battle Royale matches in Fortnite and just want a version that’s a bit faster, this is it. The map is limited to 16 players, so you can jump in and get to the stressful part of the match right away. It’s a great tool to use to practice for the endgame in real matches and just a bit of fun for when you don’t have enough time for a full game.

Tilted Zone Wars End Game

Image via Fortnite Creative

Map code: 9017-5725-7319

This is a very simple map but a fun one. It’s Tilted Towers, but it’s the endgame of a match. That’s it. If you love Tilted Towers and Zone Wars, then this is the perfect map for you.

Vent Fights

Image via Fortnite Creative

Map code: 5816-1892-0926

Vent Fights is a big twist on the Zone Wars formula. There’s no open map. Instead, you’ve got vents. You need to fight through those vents in close quarters with very little to hide behind. It’s a pretty decent representation of the endgame of a match, but one you might find too stressful given the corridors you’re battling through.

Zero Delay Zone Wars

Image via Fortnite Creative

Zero Delay Zone Wars is all about getting you into the game and repeating that process as many times as possible as fast as possible. You pick your loadout, select a team, and you’re in. No fuss or faff, just pure gameplay. This is a great map if you’re low on time but want a high-octane match.

Map code: 0237-9632-5513

Zone Wars: The 75th Hunger Games

Image via Fortnite Creative

Map code: 5880-5365-5857

You don’t need to like the Hunger Games movies to enjoy this map, but you’ll get so much more out of it if you do. This map has a lot to love, with a ton of loot dumped in the center to cause mayhem for anyone wanting it and a big chunk of jungle around the outside to hide in. Very little captures the feel of the movies like this map does, making it well worth your time.

How to use Fortnite Zone Wars codes

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’ve picked a map you like, open Fortnite and open the Discover Tab, this is where you find all the crazy maps from celebrities and content creators for time-limited events. Scroll down to the Creative segment and enter the map code from your chosen Zone Wars map above. Once that’s done, you’ll be taken to the map and can get into a game.

What is Fortnite Zone Wars?

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Fortnite Zone Wars is a simulation of the endgame of any Battle Royale match in the main game. Think of the point when the storm is closing in every 60 seconds or so, and players are darting around building walls as shields and dodging around to avoid being hit. Zone Wars is like that, but the zone moves around the map, meaning the match is even more chaotic. It does away with the early stages of every match when you’re waiting for players to get picked off until the finale, putting you right in the center of the action from the moment things kick off.

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