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All map icons and what they mean in Hogwarts Legacy

Solve for what magical activities are close by.

As an open world game, Hogwarts Legacy holds many regions and towns that you can travel to. Thus, it can be overwhelming when solving for your next waypoint on the map, especially as each piece of land shown is filled with different icons and markers. These can signify one of many types of activities or objects and heading to these could net you more XP, your next quest, or a valuable item that makes your wizard even stronger. Here is every icon on Hogwarts Legacy’s map and what each indicates.

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All map icons on the Hogwarts Map in Hogwarts Legacy

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  • Chest icon: These can can lead you to chests that have a chance to reward gold, gear, or potions.
  • Broom icon: This icon marks available broom racing events available at Hogwarts’ quidditch field.
  • Demiguise icon: The icon indicates a Demiguise Statue’s location and finding all 30 can upgrade your Alohomora lock-picking spell.
  • Door icon: Head to door icons to leave and enter Hogwarts’ school grounds
  • Field Guide icon: As shown above, you can see how many Field Guide pages can be picked up from a given location in the top-right corner of the map. The icon will typically appear when a guide is exposed using the Revelio spell.
  • Flag icon: Flag icons in Hogwarts mark specific sectors in the school. You can click on these to see their given side quests and Floo Flames.
  • Flame icon: The Flame icon marks a Floo Flame location, which can ultimately be used to fast travel to points in an instant — but only if you have run into them before. Any Floo Flames you have found will be highlighted in green.
  • Moon icon: Moon markers point to Astronomy Tables, where you can view consolations in the world’s sky.
  • Shield icon: These indicate your available story and side quests. All story quests around the world will be marked in yellow, while side quests are highlighted in gray.
  • Sun icon: Markers displaying suns are where secret rooms are, such as The Map Chamber and Room of Requirement — both of which can unlocked through the main story.

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All map icons on the Hogsmeade Map in Hogwarts Legacy

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  • Bottle icon: This marks J. Pippin’s Potions, a shop that offers various potion recipes and ingredients that can be used at Potion Stations.
  • Wheat icon: The wheat icon is where The Magic Neep lies, a store selling herbs and seeds for potion ingredients.
  • Hat icon: This is where you can find the Gladrags Wizardwear shop, which sells different types of gear for your character. However, you can also sell your goods here for additional gold.
  • Scissors icon: It is here you will discover Madam Snelling’s Tress Emporium, a place where your hairstyle and facial features can be changed.
  • Scroll icon: This marker indicates the location of Tomes and Scrolls, a spot at which conjuration can be bought.
  • Snitch icon: The golden snitch marker in Hogsmeade represents Spintwitches Sporting Needs. Upon advancing in the main story, you can purchase brooms and their upgrades from this shop.
  • Star icon: Various star markers in the town point to unique locations, such as joke shops, abandon buildings, and inns.
  • Unicorn horn icon: This icon represents Brood and Peck. The store becomes available by completing story quests and will offer animal furs that function as gear upgrades.
  • Wand icon: The wand icon marks Ollivanders’ location, a marketplace that lets you customize your current wand or buy others.

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All map icons on the World Map in Hogwarts Legacy

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  • Cave icon: Caves are the Hogwarts Legacy equivalent of dungeons, holding enemies and treasure vaults that reward high-rarity gear.
  • Coat of Arms icon: You can hover over this icon to see which quests and collectibles are available in Hogwarts.
  • Gold icon: The gold icon is known to be within or outside towns, marking the location of gear and potion vendors.
  • Hog icon: Similar to the Coat of Arms, this icon represents Hogsmeade and reveals which events and items can be found inside the town.
  • House icon: From Lower Hogsfield to Irondale, house icons mark notable villages that hold side quests, collectibles, or valuable chests.
  • Leaf icon: Leaves on the map highlight Merlin Trials, puzzles that can be completed in return for expanded inventory space.
  • Magic icon: This icon displays Ancient Magic Hotspots, where you can interact with these to gain additional magic slots.
  • Paw print icon: Paw prints represent the dens of magical beast that can be caught.
  • Skull icon: Skulls on the World Map mark Notorious Enemies, opponents with higher than normal levels.
  • Spiderweb icon: As one can guess, these indicate areas that are jam-packed with various spiders.
  • Tent icon: The tent icon lists enemy hideout areas, and these spaces can reward players trait recipes once they are cleared.
  • Wizard icon: This marker notes the locations of Battle Arenas, a place which you can battle waves of enemies for exclusive appearances and gear.

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