All Mastery Insight Points in Lake Doric in Guild Wars 2

Mastery awaits.

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Lake Doric is a map zone to the east side of the Human capital of Divinity’s Reach. Unfortunately, this map is only accessible through playing the Living World story Season 3. With a dramatic backdrop that features Divinity’s Reach under attack from dark forces and several battlefields for players to enjoy and partake in, there’s plenty for players to do here. Lake Doric, while not big, has plenty of action, meaning you’ll never have a shortage of things to do. However, one of the most important things players can obtain from this map is the Mastery Insight Points, which are needed to boost your post-level 80 skills such as Gliding, Skiffs, and Mount riding. This guide will show you where to find all the Mastery Insight Points on the Lake Doric map in Guild Wars 2.

Lake Doric Insight: Watcher’s Hollow location

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This Insight isn’t challenging to reach at all. The simplest way to find it is to head directly east from the Red Leaf Retreat Waypoint towards the Harvest Cascades. Head just past the town and then head directly north. The Mastery Insight is located at the top of a small ledge or cliff, which means you can either run around to find the slope, which is located in the Harathi camp, which is dangerous terrain, or you can fly or hop up with your Mounts.

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Lake Doric Insight: Lakeside Bazaar location

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Starting from the Lakeside Bazaar Waypoint, you’ll need to head up to the higher house level if you’re on foot and hop the gap onto the green mountainside there. Alternatively, you can just use your Mounts to fly or jump up the Mastery Insight Point.

Lake Doric Insight: Melandru’s Flourish location

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Start again from the Lakeside Bazaar Waypoint and head down south to the Temple of the Six, an area with a bright orange circle in the center. From there, if you’re on foot, you’ll want to look for the small opening hidden behind greenery on the eastern cliffside. You can follow the path and then use your gliding to reach the Mastery Insight via the updrafts. Alternatively, if you have a flying Mount, you’ll be able to just fly up to the Mastery Insight Point.

Lake Doric Insight: Melandru’s Refuge location

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You can start once again from the Lakeside Bazaar Waypoint or head from Melandru’s Flourish Mastery Insight. Either way, you’ll need to head down south to the bottom right corner of the map. There you’ll find a swamp area filled with enemies. The Mastery Insight is right at the back of the swamp, and you can hop up the ledges on foot, or you can fly up with your Mount if you want.

Champion’s Insight: Lake Doric location

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While this is technically not a Mastery Insight, another Mastery Insight-looking point is in the middle of the water. This Mastery Insight can only be accessed when you’re completing the Dragon Response Mission: Lake Doric. You can play this in Public or Private, and the Mastery Insight will be accessible if you have Mounts at the top of a giant ice spire.