All Naruna Hot Springs Mokoko Seed in Lost Ark

Nothing beats a trip to the hot springs.

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There are more than 1200 Mokoko Seeds scattered around the world of Lost Ark, so finding them all will be a tall order for even the most dedicated adventurers. The Naruna Hot Springs region, like most areas in the game, is home to several of these tiny little seeds, meaning that you’ll need to stay vigilant to get your hands on them.

There are a total of 11 Mokoko Seeds in Naruna Hot Springs. Most of them are straightforward to track down, only requiring that you follow the path of the dungeon northward. However, a few are a bit out of the way or hidden areas that don’t appear on the map. If you’re having trouble tracking all of them down, here is everything you need to know.

Lost Ark Mokoko Seed location in Naruna Hot Springs

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Mokoko Seed location #1 and 2

You’ll enter Naruna Hot Springs in the southern-most part of the map, so you’ll want to head north until you cross onto the island’s main section. Climb the terrain until you reach the overhang that leads to Point 1 on the above map. It will appear as though the map suddenly ends but continue walking through the tree line, and you’ll come into a hidden clearing. There are two Mokoko Seeds in this clearing; one on the north side of the clearing and one on the southern boundary.

Mokoko Seeds location #3

After getting these Mokoko Seeds, head back to the middle of the overhang. Jump down into the room at Point 2 with the three dancing women. There is a Mokoko Seed hidden among the flowers on the north side of the room.

Mokoko Seeds location #4 and 5

Next, you’ll want to head to Point 3 on the map. Here, you’ll find a raised platform that you can jump up to. The Mokoko Seed is on the southern part of this platform. Jump back down to the main map and head north. There will be a bridge leading north to Point 4. Some debris will be blocking your way, but a few solid melee hits should clear it up. Collect the Mokoko Seed in the hot spring behind that barrier.

Mokoko Seeds location #6

Walk along the north boundary of the map until you reach some hot springs with more dancing women in them. You’ll see some sections where you can jump up to higher instances of the map. Climb until you reach Point 5 and collect the Mokoko Seed on the north wall of the hot spring.

Mokoko Seeds location #7

Make your way through the dungeon until you reach Point 6. There will be some decorative fabric trailing down from the rooftops. The next Mokoko Seed can be tough to spot, as it is hidden behind one of these pieces of fabric. Just step beneath it, and you’ll see the interactable spot pop up.

Mokoko Seeds location #8

After that, make your way to Point 7. The Mokoko Seed here can also be tough to spot due to the steam coming up from the hot springs, but you’ll see it in the northernmost pool of water on the ground.

Mokoko Seeds location #9

Go to Point 8 on the map. Again, someone has put a barrier across the entrance to this hot spring, but a couple of melee attacks should rectify that mistake. The Mokoko Seed will be in the water, slightly obscured by steam.

Mokoko Seeds location #10 and 11

The penultimate Mokoko Seed of the Naruna Hot Springs area can be obscured slightly by the trees growing at Point 9 on the map. You’ll see a group of palm trees in the eastern part of this section. The Mokoko Seed is on the ground behind them. The final Mokoko Seed in the Naruna Hot Springs is located at Point 10 on the above map. It is shortly before the map’s exit on the stone bridge. Just walk to the eastern edge of the bridge, and you’ll see the seed on the ground there.

Finding all the Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark can be a huge task, but the rewards for doing so are substantial and make it well worth your time.