All new Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month icon codes in Knockout City

24 new player icons to celebrate Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month.

Knockout City

Image via EA

In honor of Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month, Knockout City is adding two dozen new icons to the “dodgebrawl” multiplayer game. Players are able to pick and choose one to represent a country of their choice as they dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge their way to victory. The best part is each icon is completely free and will remain free even after the month is over.

The announcement comes from a Knockout City Twitter post and includes 24 countries you can add as an icon. In order to unlock a code, all players have to do is go to the Brawl Shop. The icons feature unique and colorful artwork representing each individual country.

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  • Talavera, Pop of Color: B6MD-8WPY-3GT9-Q5E3-D6AL
  • Argentina: HBWW-HLEE-9H7M-9KMV-MDTL
  • Andorra: CPZR-7RU9-GQYP-5VZZ-XLAR
  • Belize: GELU-4CBT-HPKC-QFS6-KU9Y
  • Bolivia: 52XX-7Y6F-QGM4-ZQMZ-VE6S
  • Chile: 5WMM-RH4K-SMDL-54SQ-N688
  • Colombia: 4JH9-DE9K-JX3Q-8RAZ-QWAY
  • Costa Rica: BQDM-JBGH-773A-EM3V-KPZP
  • Dominican Republic: 6ZG8-GLCN-SZYH-D226-F2YL
  • Ecuador: 89LU-92TQ-3K9F-D4YC-LRXZ
  • El Salvador: 6TMV-DLGR-W7UN-3XD2-ZKH9
  • Equatorial Guinea: FXFF-KG5E-3RG6-RRX8-Y8DN
  • Gibraltar: 5TLL-QELW-PTW4-Y5K8-XLG2
  • Guatemala: AP99-X5Y6-65KK-8VEL-VAVV
  • Haiti: D73T-DMDS-DFY6-7VEY-6XVS
  • Honduras: GRN6-EMH6-5V5H-B8HS-UG6J
  • Nicaragua: 89PP-5M4V-FJA5-WQE4-NFNG
  • Panama: FWN6-YYS8-9TTP-SDUW-EQS2
  • Paraguay: 8R3B-U88R-XCLH-LCRT-ZLEZ
  • Puerto Rico: 2Y7P-Z3HQ-BG7H-79WG-9TK7
  • Uruguay: 2M9R-YB4U-2WQT-4CBY-VPXJ
  • Venezuela: DUP7-2Q6E-JEYH-QWDK-49RH

Mexico and Spain icons were released previously.

National Hispanic Heritage Month began on September 15 and ends on October 15. It’s a celebration showcasing the many creations, contributions, and influence of Hispanic Americans to the United States. These new icons come after several others previously released by Knockout City to celebrate Pride Month and Women’s Equality.