All Omori endings, ranked from best to worst

All the endings are going to make you cry.

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Omori is a surreal psychological horror game where you explore a strange world called the Head Space. Although the game seems cute and innocent at first, there’s something lurking between this colorful and cute world. Omori, in reality, is about a boy named Sunny and his friend group who are all trying to process the death of Sunny’s sister, Mari. Four years ago, Sunny — while in a heated argument with Mari — pushed her down the stairs accidentally killing her. His friend Basil stumbles upon this and the two cover-up her death as a suicide. However, her death has created an unbearable weight on them to the point they’re about to break. So, depending on your actions throughout the game, you’ll get one of the game’s five endings which will determine whether or not these two can forgive themselves for what happened four years ago.

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Best: Good Ending

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Easily the best ending in the game is the good ending. At the end of the game, Sunny will fight Omori in the White Space. In this impossible fight, Omori will talk down to Sunny, saying how he caused so much suffering to those who cared about him and how he doesn’t deserve to live. You will end up “dying” but rather than giving up, Sunny can continue fighting, not giving in to his depression.

Sunny stands up and plays his violin and performs one last duet with his sister, Mari. Then, we’re welcomed to a beautiful and colorful montage of Sunny’s life where he reflects back on the fond memories he had with his sister Mari and everyone else before she tragically died. It’s here where Sunny embraces Omori, a metaphor that he’s able to finally process the trauma and guilt he’s been keeping in for so long and is able to move forward. He’s able to tell his friends what really happened to Mari and thus, helping them be able to move on as well.

Secret Ending

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This one is obtainable if you watered Basil’s plants every day while in the Headspace. After the good ending’s credits, you’ll get an addition cutscene where Basil wakes up and sees Sunny is standing next to him with Something, an entity that represented Mari and that has been haunting both of them throughout the entire game. However, as Sunny smiles at Basil, Something fades away. And then as Basil smiles back, the guilt he’s been holding onto is lifted.

Abandon Ending

While on the Sunny route, if the player chooses to keep sleeping in his bed, you’ll get this ending. When you wake up, everyone will be outside Basil’s room, crying. When you enter, you see Basil has committed suicide. In this ending, you can see that Something has completely consumed Basil, showing that his trauma over what he and Sunny did by staging Mari’s death as a suicide has become too much for him to bear and that he has to end his own life. The next day Sunny moves out of Faraway Town, but following closely behind him is Something, showing that the effects of the events that happened with his sister and now Basil will continue to follow him wherever he goes.

Bad Ending

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If you refuse to continue fighting Omori, it’ll be him hugging Sunny rather than the other way around. Sunny will disappear and only Omori will remain. This signifies that Sunny’s will is gone and only his depression, guilt, and trauma remain. You’ll end up waking up in the White Space and the game continues similarly to how it started but with strangely distorted music. In the real world, Sunny is very much alive, but he will go to the rooftop of the hospital and jump off, plummeting to his death. What makes this ending so sad is that Sunny is actually afraid of heights, but he’s become so numb that not even his worst fear can make him feel anything.

Worst: Knife Ending

In order to get this ending, you’ll have to grab the knife before going to bed while sleeping over at Basil’s house. The events will play out like the Abandoned Ending with the difference being when Omori stabs himself in the White Space. In the Abandoned Ending, not only does Omori die, but so does Sunny. The next day will occur, and it’ll show Sunny has committed suicide by stabbing himself in the stomach. The phone will ring continuously, but no one will pick it up and you’ll continue to hear that sound while the credits roll. What makes this the worst ending is two things. One, is that we get to see Sunny dead, unlike in the bad ending where we fortunately spared that. The second is that both Basil and Sunny end up losing their lives because they are no longer able to handle the guilt they’ve both been burdening for four years. You also have to think about how this will impact their friend group, who has now lost three of their dearest friends and they have no answers as to why.