All Pandæmonium Abyssos Savage weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

The Pandæmonium Savage dungeons await.

Image via Square-Enix

The Pandæmonium Abyssos dungeon has been unleashed in Final Fantasy XIV, and the Savage difficulty is now available. You and a raiding party of your choice can work together to try and overcome these odds to defeat these fearsome foes and earn some excellent. It won’t be easy, and you want to ensure your party is up to the task. Should you win, you have a chance to earn the Abyssos weapons. This guide covers all Pandæmonium Abyssos Savage Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV.

All Abyssos weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

The Abyssos weapons are only available after completing this dungeon. You will need to reach the end of the trial to receive them, and they are only available by reaching the final area, the Pandæmonium Abyssos Eighth Circle on Savage difficulty. You can reach this point by completing the three circles before it, specifically the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh circles.

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Upon defeating the final boss in the Eighth Circle, there will be a weapon coffer that drops for the party, along with a chance for the actual weapon to drop for the party, giving everyone two chances to potentially earn one of these weapons. The winner who receives the weapon coffer will receive a weapon for their character’s Job, revealing their Abyssos weapon.

These are all the Abyssos weapons you receive from the Pandæmonium Abyssos Savage Raids.

  • Abyssos Baghnakhs
  • Abyssos Bastard Sword
  • Abyssos Blade
  • Abyssos Chakrams
  • Abyssos Cleavers
  • Abyssos Compound Bow
  • Abyssos Degen
  • Abyssos Guillotine
  • Abyssos Orrery
  • Abyssos Partisan
  • Abyssos Pistol
  • Abyssos Rod
  • Abyssos Sawback
  • Abyssos Shield
  • Abyssos Sickle
  • Abyssos Staff
  • Abyssos War Axe
  • Abyssos Wings

There’s also a chance after clearing this raid, you will not receive the weapon from the loot pool. Another player may win both rolls, preventing you from receiving it. However, the Raids reset every Tuesday, giving you another chance to go after them again. Plus, you will complete other Abyssos Raids along the way, earning you the Abyssos armor set.