All playable characters in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time – Crash, Neo, Tawna, and more

Crash 4 brings a full house of memorable names.

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If there is one game this year that could quench your platforming thirst, look no further than Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. As the first current-generation title in the series, the game goes above and beyond to ensure you’re kept entertained for hours on end. For one, there are currently five playable characters, with most having their own moves and dedicated levels. Some are quite familiar, but others are faces that most never expected to see again.


crash bandicoot
Image via Activision

You might have heard of this guy. The gameplay for Crash in this fourth official installment is very much the same as past beloved games. Though, players can experience a new spinning mechanic with the character that lets you send one enemy flying into another. On top of that, Crash can be used on over 100 levels, some that have him skating on zip-lines and others that require him to use an anti-gravity suit.


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Someone else’s name may be on the box, but Coco returns to the series with the ability to be substituted for Crash at any point. Think of her as the Luigi to Crash’s Mario. No matter which of the two you choose, you can still use each main mission’s biggest twists, such as inverting gravity and slowing down time. However, Coco will have her own individual collection of skins to unlock and wear in various challenges.

Dr. Neo Cortex

Image via Activision

The main antagonist of the classic first game, Dr. Neo Cortex, will finally be playable in a non-kart single-player experience. The evil scientist could be used in Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced’s multiplayer mode, but will now have his own individual story and missions in Crash 4. Inside these missions, players can take advantage of Neo’s powerful blaster to turn enemies into platforms. Let’s hope he doesn’t do the same to Crash.


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Revealed in PlayStation’s August State of Play event, Dingodile will be playable for the first time in Crash 4. In this installment, Dingodile has his own side story that entails him taking vengeance on those who’ve burnt down his diner.

Of course, Dingo won’t move as fast as others, but his cunning attacks make up for it. With the croc, users can either tail swipe or vacuum up nearby baddies. In the State of Play trailer, we see Dingo get sucked into an ominous portal, leaving viewers wondering if Crash and Coco will need to save him.


Video via PlayStation’s YouTube channel

The final playable character revealed is, in fact, the heavily-rumored Tawna, someone who’s made appearances in previous installments as Crash’s ex-girlfriend. What sets Tawna apart from the rest is her unique, quick movement. The newly-designed punk rocker will be getting her own batch of missions that will feature her getting the most out of her grappling hook attacks and slick wall jumping.

As Tawna was declared the last announced playable character before the game hits shelves, don’t expect this list to grow anytime soon. But, there is already so much to do in Crash 4, it’s nearly impossible to complain. Developer Toys For Bob will be offering additional DLC for those that pre-order, so more characters being added later on shouldn’t be ruled out just yet.