All possible bonus attributes for gear in Diablo Immortal

Get everything you can out of your gear.

Image via Blizzard

Reforging your armor and weapons in Diablo Immortal is one of the best ways to put that finishing touch on your gear to ensure it is exactly how you want it to be. Matching up the bonus attributes with others in the same family will give you four specific bonuses that can provide you the edge in any encounter, whether that is in the PvE or PvP portions of the game. Here are all of the possible bonus attributes that can be applied to your gear at upgrade levels 6, 11, 16, and through reforging.

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Every bonus attribute that can be applied to gear in Diablo Immortal

There are 29 total bonus attributes in Diablo Immortal. Each is split into the six Reforge Stone families. Every family’s specific stone will give you access to those attributes, while the normal Reforge Stones will pick from the overall pool of attributes. If you get all three bonus attributes from the same family on an item, that item will receive that family’s bonus fourth attribute.

Barrier Stone family bonus attributes

  • Block Chance increased by [1.5-2.0%]
  • Damage taken from nearby enemies decreased by [1.5-2.0%]
  • Damage to undead increased [4.5-6.0%]
  • Fear resistance increased [4.5-6.0%]
  • Maximum Life increased [0.8-1.0%]
  • Family bonus: 2% chance to gain an absorption shield for 6 seconds when attacked

Jolt Stone family bonus attributes

  • Cheat Death chance increased by [3.0-4.0%]
  • Damage taken from players reduced by [2.2-3.0%]
  • Damage taken while suffering loss of control decreased by [3.0-4.0%]
  • Duration of beneficial effects increased by [3.0-4.0%]
  • Slow immunity chance increased by [4.5-6.0%]
  • Family bonus: 2% chance to immobilize your attacker when attacked

Ravager Stone family bonus attributes

  • Damage done by your summons increased [3.0%-4.0%]
  • Damage taken by your summons decreased [3.0-4.0%]
  • Damage to elite enemies increased [4.5-6.0%]
  • Healing potion cooldown reduced [1.5-2.0%]
  • Life Regeneration increased by [0.8-1.0%]
  • Family bonus: 2% chance to make a defeated enemy’s corpse explode, damaging all nearby enemies.

Tremor Stone family bonus attributes

  • Continual damage taken reduced by [4.5-6.0%]
  • Knock away resistance increased [4.5-6.0%]
  • Primary Attacks reduce enemy Attack and Movement Speeds by [0.8-1.0%]
  • Primary Attacks reduce enemy healing by [2.2-3.0%]
  • Family bonus: Primary Attacks have a 2% chance to damage and stun nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds

Vengeance Stone family bonus attributes

  • Attack speed increased by [1.5-2.0%]
  • Damage to demons increased [4.5-6.0%]
  • Damage to enemies suffering loss of control increased [3.8-5.0%]
  • Damage to players increased [4.5-6.0%]
  • Damage to shielded enemies increased [4.5-6.0%]
  • Family bonus: Primary Attacks have a 2% chance to increase all damage you deal by 100% for 1 second.

Wildfire Stone family bonus attributes

  • All Skill Damage increased [1.5-2.0%]
  • Critical Hit Chance increased [2.3-3.0%]
  • Damage done to enemies below 30% Life increased [3.0-4.0%]
  • Heal party members for [1.5-2.0%] on death
  • Primary Attack damage increased by [3.0-4.0%]
  • Family bonus: 2% chance when you kill an enemy to summon a Hydra.