All Resonance Amp code locations on Moon and Europa in Destiny 2

Investigate these locations.

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While working through the Season of the Seraph in Destiny 2, there is a Resonance Amp in your inventory that you will use to collect the Resonance Stem you receive upon completing various activities. When you have four of them, activate the Resonance Amp and there will be a code on the item and you can use that to visit a location and unlock a chest. Here’s what you need to know about all Resonsnace Amp chest code locations in Destiny 2.

All Resonance Amp codes and Moon and Europa locations in Destiny 2

Whenever you want a new Resonance Amp code, you must acquire at least four Resonance Stems. These come from completing various activities and playlists in Destiny 2. You can view how many you have any time on your Resonance Amp item in your inventory, but you can only activate one of these locations at a time. While a location is activated, you must find that chest and receive the loot before activating another one.

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These are all the locations for the Resonance Amp codes in Destiny 2.

All Europa Resonance Amp code locations

These are the locations you can find the Europa codes. These are the codes and their respective locations.

  • Europa.Ridge.Road.Ledge – You can find this one in Cadmus Ridge.
  • Europa.Beyond.Cliff.Landing – You can find this one in the lower half of the map, at the Beyond.
  • Europa.Crossing.Outpost.Wall – You can find this one in the Crossing area, next to the outpost.
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  • Europa.Abyss.Fissure.Construct – You will need to travel to the Abyss and investigate the Fissure.
  • Europa.Eventide.Dome.Catwalk – This one will be at the Eventide, closer to the dome.
  • Europa.Eventide.Cliff.Refuge – You can make your way to the Eventide region and search for it at the Cliff.
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All Moon Resonance Amp code locations

These are the locations you can find while exploring the Moon, along with the codes for those locations.

  • Luna.Anchor.Tower.Rotuna – You will need to travel to the Anchor of Light region to find this cache.
  • Luna.Archer.Crevasse.Crash – This one requires you to the west side of the map, at the Archer’s Line, and jump off the catwalk to a nearby crash.
  • Luna.Archer.Dome.Catwalk – This one is close to the previous one, inside Archer’s Light, on the aside side of the area.
  • Luna.Hellmouth.Outcropping.Alcove – You can find this one in the northeast side of the map, in the Hellmouth region.
  • Luna.Sanctuary.Stage.Backdrop – This one is close to the starting location, where you can speak with Eris.
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  • Luna.Sorrow.Altar.Recess – The final Moon location is in Sorrow’s Harbor, close to one of the region’s caches.
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