All secret achievements in Ring of Pain

There are 16 secret achievements, and some are really, really hard.

via Humble Games

Ring of Pain has brought forth a hellish grind to achievement hunters everywhere. With a total of 99 achievements, 16 of which are secret, this is far from an easy completion, and you’ll need to be seriously dedicated if you want the full 1000 Gamerscore. The first step in getting this completion is knowing what you have to do to complete it, and that can be a bit challenging when 16 achievements are hidden from you.

Achievements in Xbox games are typically made secret to avoid story spoilers that may appear in the descriptions. In this case, there are a few that are a bit spoilery, in that they reveal some area names that you may not have seen yet, as well as some vague ending names. Overall, though, they don’t spoil much and reading these achievements shouldn’t impact your experience at all. In terms of difficulty, these secret achievements range from being total freebies, to being almost unforgivably hard.

Here are the 16 secret achievements, complete with their descriptions and Gamerscore values:

Illuminate, EliminateComplete the Light Ending10G
Shadow SpreadsComplete the Dark Ending10G
Who To Trust?Choose your final path10G
Grave DiggerDig up an item in the Graveyard5G
A Long ClimbRead Depth 12 on Hard difficulty10G
OverthrownDefeat the Owl on Hard difficulty25G
New Game+Die in Hard Mode5G
Well PreparedReach the boss on maximum health10G
Hanging OnReach the boss with less than 20% health remaining10G
To The Death!Die to a boss5G
You Call That A Knife?Complete a run with the Spoon10G
A Hard CarryFully upgrade the Spoon30G
Down UnderComplete a run with Inverted Candle20G
Illuminate, AnnihilateComplete the Light Ending on Hard difficulty25G
Challenge IncreasesComplete the Dark Ending on Medium difficulty15G
Path To EnlightenmentComplete the Light Ending on Medium difficulty15G