All Seedhollow Side Quests in Granblue Fantasy: Relink & How to Complete Them

Seedhollow residents have so many side quests to pile up on your Granblue Fantasy Relink questlog.

Seedhollow poses in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

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New city, same old you. Everyone in Granblue Fantasy: Relink has a side quest for you, and in a bustling city like Seedhollow, that just means more quests.

After each chapter and difficulty is unlocked, you’ll get new quests to gather all over the city. They’ll slowly start piling up on your questlog. Eventually, keeping track of what has already been completed, what needs to be done, and each quest’s requirements will be nearly impossible. In this guide, you’ll find every side quest in Seedhollow in Granblue Fantasy: Relink and how to complete each.

Difference Between Main Quests and Side Quests in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

All the quests are divided into two types: Main Quests and Side Quests. Main Quests progress the game’s story and are required. Side Quests are optional, but they make characters stronger and add replay value to the game. Over a hundred Side Quests are available in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, and most can even be played by multiplayer co-op.

Side Quests in the game can be unlocked from the first chapter when you reach Folca Town. You can find NPCs around town who offer quests or visit the Quest Counter for a different type of side quest. The NPC side quests are about gathering items, while the Quest Counter side quests involve fighting enemies.

All Seedhollow Side Quests in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Rackam staning on the terace in Granblue Fantasy: Relink
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Below, you’ll find a table with all Seedhollow side quests in Granblue Fantasy: Relink and how to complete them:

Side Quest DataSide Quest NameQuestgiverHow to CompleteRewards
Wolves at the DoorMotivated FellaDefeat 10 Timber Wolf in the Dagger Really Done Did It counter quest.30 mastery points
Quick Cooldown II
Fortitude Crystal (S) x2
Trowel and ErrorTough-Looking PlastererHand over 5 Desert Ash from the Rilla Done Did It counter quest.
30 mastery points
Attack Power II
Improved Guard II
MagimorphosisStudious MageHand over 10 Magma Worm from the Sweep the Volcano counter quest.250 mastery points
Fire Shard x5
Icey InteriorOptimistic ArchitectHand over 5 Ice Spire from the Spare the Rod, Spoil the Valley counter quest.30 mastery points
Chieftain’s Braid x2
Fortitude Crystal (S) x5
In Defense of the CitySeedhollow Guard CaptainDefeat 1 Rock Golem in Golemology 101: Desert Golems.700 mastery points
Clowning Parapet x3
Fortitude Crystal (L)
Phondam Sulfur x3
To Whirl AgainLocal YokelHand over 1 Damaged Tail Fin in Rule the Skies.30 mastery points
Sandtomb Resistance I
Landbeast Claw x2
Fortitude Crystal (L) x2
The Forbidden SpiritMeddling GuardObtain the Secret Cocktail Recipe Archive10000 Rupies
Champion Merit x2
Critical Damage II
Family ReportingZathba’s UnderlingDefeat 3 Aviaeth Saber in Guard Out Hometown.10000 Rupies
Stamina II
Fortitude Crystal (S) x2
Standard Refinium x2
Regret and RepentanceFormer CrusaderDefeat 1 Tayu’itar in No One Likes Leftovers.700 mastery points
Ether Battery x3
Fortitude Crystal (L)
Bloomsword Hilt x3
Nightmare of a ShadowPompous ManDefeat 5 Ominous Form inShedding Light on the Pillar.55000 Rupies
Blight Resistance III
Disast Ore x3
Aid from AfarExhausted GuardObtain the Tempeal Disaster Report Archive
10000 Rupies
Potion Hoarder III
Hidden LessonStudious MageHand over 10 Busted Manikin in I See a Bloody VIsion.
1300 Rupies
250 mastery points
Light Shard x5
Out of Serpentine SpiteAdventurer’s PartnerDefeat 1 Cobra in Rilla Done Did It.15000 Rupies
Gold Key
Fortitude Crystal (S)
Bug HuntBug BuffHand over 5 Magma Worm in Sweep the Volcano.
300 mastery points
Griffin Feather x2
A Barrold of My OwnPenniless SwordsmanHand over 5 Busted Manikin in I See a Bloody VIsion.100 mastery points
Cascade II
Chieftain’s Braid x3
Fortitude Crystal (S) x10
Red-Hot SellerDaggerHand over 3 Red-Hot Cactus in Rilla Done Did It.100 mastery points
Injury to Insult II
Griffin Feather x3
Fortitude Crystal (S) x5
Quality Refinium x2
Into the UnknownStudious MageHand over 10 Welkin Reflection in Looming Tower, Leerning Eye.1300 Rupies
250 Mastery Points
Dark Shard x5
Eye for an Eye, Quake for a DileBrazen BlokeDefeat 1 Quakadile in Worried about Papa.
Flamebeast Claw x3
Salamander Egg x5
Loathsome WingsBeleaguered MechanicDefeat 5 Wyvern in Make Our Skies Safe Again.250 mastery points
Quality Refinium
Classroom ScienceStudious MageHand over 10 Ice Spire in Spare the Rod, Spoil the Valley.Water Shard x5
Smith SmarterTroubled BlacksmithDefeat 10 Flame Gyre in Seeds of Trouble.Flawed Prism x2
Prism Chip x5
Violent RequiemViolent PriestDefeat 10 Skeleton in Rilla Done Did It.530 Rupies
100 mastery points
Champion Merit x2
Critical Hit Rate II
Purgatory Bone x2
Mythril Wheel x3
Wreck, Reduce, RecycleHardworking MechanistDefeat 2 Tayu’itar in No One Likes LeftoversFortitude Crystal (M) x3
Quality Refinium
Expecting the ExpectedStudious MageHand over 10 Desert Ash in Rilla Done Did It.1300 rupies
250 mastery points
Earth Shard x5
Soul in the MachineCreepy DudeHand over 2 Machine Unit in Seeds of Trouble.Mythril Wheel x2
Fortitude Crystal (M)
Wrath of the Sword VeilMotivated FellaDefeat 5 Sword Veil Fellowship in Absolutely No Trespassers!Landbeast Claw x3
Bizarre Wing x3
Fortitude Crystal (M)
Quality Refinium x2
Windy MemoriesStudious MageHand over 10 Cobblestones in Bash the Goblin Hordes.Wind Shard x5
Cooling BonesInnovative MachinistHand over 1 Bleak Bone in A Bone to Peak. Griffin Feather x2
A Goopy ResearchPassionate ResearcherDefeat 3 Silverslime and 3 Goldslime in Slimepede.Aegis III
Fast Learner III
Dynamic DesignMotivated Game DesignerHand over 2 Griffin Talon in Drumsticks au Griffin.Mirage Munition x3
Giant Beak x2
Cyclone Orb x3
Iced Water SuppliesOff Duty SoldierDefeat 3 Aqua Gyre in Spare the Rod, Spoil the Valley.Flawless Prism
Flawed Prism x10