All small Lyre locations in Crashing Rocks – Immortals Fenyx Rising

A pleasant song.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, each area has a Lyre Challenge. You will be able to find a large Lyre statue that will act as a Fast Travel point, and smaller Lyres will be hidden around the area. If you find the smaller Lyres they will play you a song, you can then return to the large Lyre and play that same song by hitting the right strings with your arrows. Get it right, and you will get some nice rewards.

On Crashing Rocks, the game’s first area, there are three lyres. Some of them are easy to get to, while others will involve some puzzle solving. You can find the locations of all three Lyres marked on the map below.

The first Lyre, to the northwest of the larger one, is easy to find, as it sites on the side of a road you will need to take during a story mission. The second Lyre is a little more awkward. Turn around from the one on the side of the road and make your way to the cliffs. If you look down you will see an outcropping of rock with a broken golden pillar on it.

Jump down here to find a hidden entrance that will lead you to the second Lyre. There are some buttons you will need to push, but most of them area easy to get to. The only awkward one involves jumping in the pool of way and swimming through a sumberged door.

The third Lyre is the most awkward, and will involve a complex run of puzzle solving that we have covered in this guide. It is a good idea to just visit the big Lyre after you find each of the songs, otherwise you may forget them.