All Spider-Man 2 Accessibility Features Currently Confirmed Before Release

With the release of Spiderman 2 right around the corner, Sony has decided to share details on the upcoming accessibility options.

Image via Sony

PlayStation owners will soon have the ability to swing from the rooftops and skyscrapers of New York City, thanks to the efforts of the team over at Insomniac Games. As we draw nearer to release, Sony has updated their blog with more information on accessibility features and other convenience options that gamers can make use of.

According to Michele Zorrilla, the Advanced Senior UX Researcher at Insomniac Games, the UX is inspired by earlier Insomniac titles such as Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and earlier Spiderman titles. Of course, they are new features that are being added to help separate the game from the others.

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Confirmed Accessibility Features for Spider-Man 2

Image via Insomniac Games

According to the blog, the game will have multiple difficulty sliders for different aspects of gameplay. You’ll be able to alter things such as how much health enemies have, the damage they deal, and their awareness level during stealth sections. The base difficulty modes are aptly named Friendly, Amazing, etc. It is a great callback to the various Spider-Man titles that’ve existed since his inception.

For those of us that have a hard time with timing and aiming, there are options to decrease the difficulty of those actions, as well as an option to change the overall game speed. We also appreciate the option to simplify the puzzles, as this is sure to be a popular option for those who want to jump right into the next gameplay segment. Chase Assist makes a return with all the benefits fully intact, including the auto lock-on, so that players won’t get lost when chasing down baddies. What’s not shown in the image is the Quick-Time-Event autocomplete option, which allows you to skip those pesky button challenges as well as change repeated button presses from taps to holds and Web-Shooter burst.

They also added the option to change the audio frequency, which alters the sounds that can possibly be harmful to certain people, like loud explosions and sonic pitches. It’ll also allow you to better hear Peter’s infamous quips over the loud sounds of grenades going off or buildings falling. There will also be post-launch accessibility features added over time, with the main targets being audio descriptions, which we see in a lot of games nowadays. Descriptions will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Castilian Spanish, Latin American Spanish, and Japanese. This will be accompanied by a screen reader and captions.

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Last but not least, for those with disabilities who are using Access Controller for PS5, you’ll be given even more options to customize the way they want to play. They’re hoping that this will be a comfortable experience for everyone, and they were also kind enough to share a video on access controls via their YouTube page as well. This is all the information that they’ve shared as of now, as their focus was mainly on these accessibility options for PS5. We look forward to seeing what’s next in terms of story and gameplay.