All The Dawning 2023 Ingredients & How to Get Them in Destiny 2

The Dawning 2023 event has returned to Destiny 2, and this guide covers every ingredient you need to find and how to get them.

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The Dawning event has returned to Destiny 2. For the Dawning 2023, you’ll be set on the same path to working your way through the world to earn multiple ingredients so you can bake delicious treats for the many characters in the game.

These ingredients are everywhere in Destiny 2, and tracking them down during the Dawning 2023 event can be challenging. Thankfully, we’ve narrowed it down to make it much easier to acquire each one, so you’ll always have plenty of ingredients to use for your recipes. Here’s what you need to know about how to get all the ingredients in Destiny 2’s The Dawning 2023.

Where to Find Every Ingredient in Destiny 2’s The Dawning 2023

How to get all ingredients in Destiny 2 The Dawning 2023
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The ingredients you are looking for will drop from specific encounters and battles in Destiny 2. The trick is to read the name of the ingredient you’re trying to find for each recipe, which you can read in Eva’s Holiday Oven in your quest menu.

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When you hover over the ingredients section while viewing Eva’s Holiday Oven in your quest menu, there will be a distinct description sharing with you how you can get it. This will help point you in the correct direction of how to get this ingredient, but you might not know the best place to seek it out. I’m going to add some locations that you should visit to make seeking out Destiny 2’s The Dawning 2023 ingredients much easier for you.

These are all the ingredients you can find during Destiny 2’s The Dawning 2023 event.

Destiny 2 IngredientHow to GetWhere to Find
Balanced FlavorsMake sure to have a Bow, Sniper Rifle, Scout Rifle, or Pulse Rifle for Balanced Flavors to drop.Bring a Bow or Scout Rifle with you into a PvE Strike or a Gambit match.
Bulley SprayYou will need to use an Auto Rifle, Submachine Gun, or Heavy Machine gun for Bullet Spray to drop.Add an Auto Rifle and Heavy Machine Gun to your loadout before starting an activity.
Cabal OilYou must defeat Cabal to earn this ingredient.Sunken Isles or Gulch in the EDZ
Chitin PowderYou can defeat Hive enemies to get this ingredient.Alters of Sorrow
Dark Ether CaneYou must defeat Scorn to earn Dark Ether Cane.Tangled Shore or Savathun’s Throne World
Dark FrostingEquip your Statis subclass or a Statis weapon to earn Dark Frosting.Use your Statis Subclass with a Statis weapon or two during an activity.
Delicious ExplosionFor this ingredient, defeat enemies using a Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, or using a Grenade abilityBring a Rocket Launcher with you into Strikes or Gambit matches.
Electric FlavorYou can earn Electric Flavor by defeating enemies using Arc abilities or weapons.Equip your Arc subclass and one or two Arc weapons before starting an activity.
Ether CaneYou will need to defeat Fallen enemies for this ingredientThe Exodus Crash Strike or the Widows Walk Lost Sector in EDZ.
Finishing TouchYou can use your Finishers against enemies for Finishing Touch to drop.Get in close to use your Finisher move against an enemy in any activity in PvE.
Flash of InspirationYou will need to generate Orbs of Power for Flash of Inspiration to drop.Review your Armor Mods to double-check you’re regularly dropping orbs for friends.
Impossible HeatYou will need to use Solar abilities or a Solar weapon to earn Impossible Heat.Equip your Solar subclass with a solar weapon or two before starting an activity.
Multifaceted FlavorsYou will need to rapidly defeat targets for Multifacted Flavors to drop.Use an Autorifle or Machine Gun to take out multiple enemies in a short time.
Null TasteYou have to use Void abilities or weapons to earn Null Taste.Equip your Void subclass and one or two Void weapons.
Personal TouchYou will need to defeat enemies using Melee Abilities to get Personal Touch.Craft a tanky build to get in close to enemies; this works in any activity.
Perfect TasteFor Perfect Taste, defeat enemies using Precision damage with a weapon.Make sure to have a Bow, Sniper Rifle, or Scout Rifle equipped.
Sharp FlavorIt would be best if you defeated opponents using a Sword.Any activity where you have plenty of Power Ammunition.
Superb TextureYou have to use your Super Ability for Superb Texture to drop.Use your Super during playlist activities.
Taken ButterYou will need to track down Taken for this ingredient.The Dreaming City or Lake of Shadows Strike
Vex MilkYou can get this by defeating Vex.The Orrery Lost Sector on Nessus, the Moon, or Europa