All Unicorn locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Finding Unicorns in the Highlands is relatively easy in Hogwarts Legacy, but catching them will require a strategic approach.

Using Levioso to Catch a Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy

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It is hard to imagine any magical fantasy setting like Hogwarts Legacy without the appearance of the archetypal horned equines of magic — Unicorns. These gorgeous and majestic horses are known for having magical properties in their hair, which can be used to enhance your clothing at the Enchanted Loom in the Room of Requirement. Moreover, you can keep these lovely Beasts as tameable pets in your Vivarium, the pocket dimension where you keep all the Fantastic Beasts you have rescued in the Highlands. As for where Unicorns can be found in Hogwarts Legacy, they only appear at one location on the world map.

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Where to find Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy | Unicorn locations guide

Unicorn Map Location and Using Disillusionment to Sneak Up on a Unicorn in Hogwarts Legacy
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The only site where you can find Unicorns in Hogwarts Legacy is the Beast Den on the eastern side of the Forbidden Forest, near the northern border of Hogsmeade Valley. Unlike Giant Purple Toads, Jobberknolls, or Puffskeins, you cannot find Unicorns anywhere outside the Forbidden Forest. Furthermore, generally only one of these magical horned equines spawns at the Den at a time. Fortunately, there is a method to efficiently “farm” Unicorns if you wish to fill your Vivariums with these majestic Beasts.  

For convenience’s sake, you must have access to the fast-travel Floo Flame point in Upper Hogsfield, a hamlet north of Hogsmeade. Additionally, those new to Hogwarts Legacy are encouraged to unlock their flying Broom as soon as possible; otherwise, the trip to and fro the Beast Den will be unpleasant. Accordingly, go to Upper Hogsfield, get on your Broom, and fly to the Unicorn Den’s location in the East Forbidden Forest of Hogwarts Legacy. Avoid landing directly in the Den, as such an approach will scare the Beast away. Instead, land on one of the dirt paths surrounding the POI. Be mindful of the many hostiles roaming the roads within the region. 

Next, cast Disillusionment and approach the Den, making sure you are not arriving in the same direction as the Unicorn is facing. Cast Accio and Levioso, followed by a Nap-Sack capture. If you are playing on Normal Difficulty or higher, the Unicorn will have six “HP dots” you must deal with before it can be rescued. Do not worry if you fail the first time since the Unicorn cannot fly away like a Thestral or Hippogriff in Hogwarts Legacy. Alternatively, you can set the Game Difficulty to Story, turning a Nap-Sack capture into an instant rescue with no required minigame.

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Once you have caught the Unicorn at its Den’s location in Hogwarts Legacy, fast-travel back to the Upper Hogsfield Floo Flame. Based on our testing, the Unicorn respawned after we fast-traveled to Upper Hogsfield three times. We attempted using the Wait function in Hogwarts Legacy several times, but this approach had no effect. However, after going to Upper Hogsfield three times while checking the Unicorn Den in between fast-travel instances, the Beast reappeared on the third attempt, allowing us to catch it again. While there is no official information regarding the respawn times of Beasts or hostile mobs, the method above is how we could quickly rescue a second Unicorn within less than 3 minutes after the first.